Only the Yaechin Sohn-Hyun Bin ‘love affair’ and Ttaet only the burning to heat


Mostly the possibility that it is the rumor stops just the rumor going around in the entertainment world. It goes around without foundation and the years old sticks and it flows into at all extraordinary direction. If the truth or falsehood is and left and first of all, it spreads, it is not easy to turn off. In addition, because of furtively being again bloom if it died away, the parties are the taste to die completely. The someones would like to tie the tail of ‘the smoke through is gotten in the chimney’ the rumor at any rate. However, it is the word which doesn’t know the entertainment world environment and attribute and which it does. Even, ‘the burning to heat, not, the time the smoke I the place’ is directly the entertainment world. As to problem, the place, which the denied love affair is revealed as the fact moreover, the entertainment world has the point. # 1:2,015 year 7 month = actor Hyunchung Ko (47) the Cho In sung (37) was captured by the netizen camera in the airport. It was the road coming home from Japan side by side and it lost, the cart was pushed and Hyunchung Ko stood closely by the side. Fully, all Kkiwot the apprehensions this photo captured by the netizen camera looks like the affectionate love relationship Of course, it took in the airplane and the entrance procedure was shared. The reaction came out promptly when the interest of the netizens leaned. The child ok company who is the agency of 2 people made a request “because there was the informal other fixed and Japan was visited” “the speculation is controlled”. If the both sides of explanation was again put together at that time and it saw, there was both no formal schedule. Yet, the trip in which it accompanies each family was not. It proceeded separately on a journey and the airport met really fortuitously and the same airplane was taken and it returned to home country. Cho In sung went to Japan due to the friends and personal schedule. Hyunchung Ko went frequently to Scherrer at Japan usually and the time fitted and it came together. Was it really the coincidence? The causal sequence which the drama inside is special was the beginning of the suspicion in the past. These appear on the drama ‘spring day’ in 2005 and the dark kiss scene It, as to become the sensation. ◆the topic # with the pod in which as to pop star, the date eyewitness account following one after another is trivial on the love affair 2: the date eyewitness account in American Soho street came up to the community in 2016. It is the time when the drama ‘the descendant of the sun’ made the powerful popularity wind. ‘one which good looking men and women couple socializing in this way comes out is not bad.’ Not, neverthless, the eagerness of ‘the real bar’ (the big fan mistaking the drama on character in fact) which saw the nice Chemie in the drama and would like to weave 2 into the love relationship amplified and it was more the issue. Hyegyo Song flushed up with the confirmation shot uploaded on SNS hotly. Many passionate love suspicions including the item, and etc. were proposed. The both sides agency denied strongly. Jungki Song agency denied “one fits but because the colleagues are the seat which is together, it is the meal far from the passionate love from New York”. Hyegyo Song where there is the home was explained to New York “on vacation was being made a long stay and (with Jungki Song company) got to be by coincidence met just at the right time”. The part called ‘accompanied trip’ which the explanation of the witnesses or netizens guesses the Ani was poisonousness emphasized. Was the love affair the groundless? All Ollin the last day wedding ceremony of on October, 2017 which denied the rumor of love which several presses propose but which 2 follows 1 year 6 months after# American date scene of 3:2,018 the year 10 the month the = the actor Dongwon Gang (39) one filial duty main part (33) stopped at the center of the issue. Figure which bought the simple necessities in the mart and which held and in which it walks together to the comfortable attire was kind like just, one scene of the movie. It was rapidly spread to on-line community and SNS, and etc. and this scene which the local Koreans seems to upgrade the Jjik Eo was connected by the love affair. 2 denied through the agency as “the work relation meeting car was met” “the days program overlaps and the box Jjeum has the acquaintances and several meals”. 2 kept time in the movie ‘earn the golden slum’ and ‘Ilnang’. ◆ Is the pear drops as a crow flies from the tree? If ‘groundless’ wife can forget, the person concerned are the entertainment world love affair on no. 2 or the love affair which becomes a subject of discussion to the box Ssik explode. It is 82 former person of the same age actor Hyun Bin and Yaechin Sohn this time. The placard catalog coming up to one on-line community was originated at last ninth. The witness introduced till the concrete detail that Yaechin Sohn parents saw to have a meal together. The Yaechin Sohn did “the parents are in Korea”. It explained that Hyun Bin was “one which is right but which it moves toward this to be at the overseas”. It became a subject of discussion on 21st. The seen appearance from behind was branded as 2 people in the shopping mall this time. Also as to love affair, “it is different from the fact” the both sides drew the cable. In spite of denying as ‘groundless’, the netizen is sending the look of the doubt to no. 2 or the love affair which becomes a subject of discussion still. Hyun Bin and Yaechin Sohn appears on one work through the movie ‘negotiation’ last year for the first time. It had the writer right after release of a movie and special interview and Yaechin Sohn installed “when there was no chance which they played a role of the non-facing through the image and it saw, it faces directly”. However, the movie studio atmosphere progressing same within building had mutual understanding frequently and it didn’t deny till the harmonious fact. The dollar revealed the photoes with Hyun Bin whom Yaechin Sohn raises in SNS anew. The eye line of the fans about the pop star can become the sensation by the trivial unusable refuse of tobacco leaves. Especially the love story is the meterial stimulating the infinite curiosity. The big issue changes into the love affair itself. There will be the inside story hidden respectively but it is over the love affair and is continued to the marriage. The love affair of Yaechin Sohn Hyun Bin is not previously actively different with the wife of the person concerned to the case of the Dongwon Gang- one the filial duty state. If it is really the coincidence, the burning to heat can be and ended with the time rolled or the happening. Nevertheless, it is the truth that the doubt cannot help growing deeper if the pear drops as a crow flies from the tree (OB ex dividend) is repeated to one kind be clear.
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