Open ‘the monthly Chongshin Yoon’ 1 month Lake today. The Farewell Taxi, after that, ‘the farewell customer’


After that, it is ‘farewell Taxi’ sensibility ‘the farewell customer’ this time. As to the singer Chongshin Yoon agency Seuttik Mi entertainment, the monthly music project 2,019 ‘the monthly Chongshin Yoon’ 1 month Lake ‘the farewell customer’ of Chongshin Yoon was opened as formal report data on 23rd at 6 o’clock p.m. with today, (23 days). ‘the farewell customer’ is the song made of the time of ‘farewell Taxi’ center taxi driver whose Chongshin Yoon writes freshly. In ‘farewell Taxi’, if it paid to the taxi driver, saying that the customer was “it must go to where, is the customer the uncle/mistake the first time?”, ‘the farewell customer’ says the words of the warm comfort to the customer whom the taxi driver takes up the back seat. The electric charge the comfort which use ‘DESK (desk)’ Minwoo Park writer is ‘the farewell customer’ housekeeping small like the housekeeping in which the life of “the thought which was thinking about being how grazed and the idea of the uncle who listened ‘ Farewell Taxi ‘ one day and appears suddenly in the housekeeping imagined the story progressing for the time of the taxi driver” ” taxi driver is felt to the menIt wanted and told. After that, “it is really happy since Chongshin Yoon producer agrees with my story” “because it can provide support to the very long travel of ‘ monthly Chongshin Yoon ‘ with the little, it is the glory” the impression was revealed. ‘the farewell customer’ is the outcome in which the work is primally accomplished with the support mail since ‘the monthly Chongshin Yoon’ starts according to the agency. The song which the numerous originator, as to me make in the future with Seuttik Mi entertainment and ‘the monthly Chongshin Yoon’ was sent so far. However, this is the first time to hit against the Chongshin Yoon’s choice and be continued to the actual work. Chongshin Yoon said “it thought that there was no reason which it doesn’t work together if the friend which was well use and makes a song well in this way got” “the conception of the housekeeping and drawing technique was liked. When there was the power listened to the end,”.
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