“our pennae”.’ except “our style of writing Chinese characters”It becomes Chunga Yum wearing the nest escape 3′.


Yeongkoo Cho and Sinjaeeun appeared in the TvN ‘the nest escape 3’ which mentioned the desk which the broadcaster Yeongkoo Cho wife Sinjaeeun appears in JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ and it was the topic, is broadcasted with 22 with the day afternoon and the white war was waged against putting ‘the style of writing Chinese characters desk’ appeared in ‘SKY Castle’. This day Sinjaeeun let the eyeing for one-man use reading room desk which the style of writing Chinese characters coming among the pole as the daughter of the actor Chunga Yum uses and gave the rebuke from Yeongkoo Cho. ‘the style of writing Chinese characters desk’ is mentioned and Sinjaeeun is that “these days this desk is the topic” enters the inside and it studies. It was the fuss now and told. After that, yeongkoo Cho was persuaded with “if it regards as 100,000 won about one month, if it thinks in 2 to it is 2.4 million won (son) and has to go how long to school more in the future, the cost for reading room is needed”. Yeongkoo Cho was opposed to this “the pennae is well studied even if there is no this one” “the appearance itself studied at the closed space and sealed space is so hateful”. Moreover, don’t buy the desk. What say be was the minute, it told conclusively now. Meantime, the son adjustment mistake of the couple wearing Yeongkoo Cho is the flood disaster in which the Korea university center for talented youth number · science fusion area receives the genius proof this year and which has the admission ahead.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743789.htm, 2019/01/23 14:02:57]