Sungun Ha and self-composed music ‘it doesn’t forget’ surprise attack opening to the public 2. ‘fireworks’ birth?


When the singer Sungun Ha is wanna circle album recording song, then the new self-composed music ‘it doesn’t forget’ is put out after ‘fireworks’, that is the self-composed music. The Sungun Ha agency Stark Louis NT revealed “sungun Ha who is the announcement plan doesn’t forget come 2 month solo albums prior to him on the coming 28th at 6 p.m. with the digital single ‘, it opens”. As to ‘it doesn’t forget’, V app has mentioned previously as the tune which Sungun Ha works among wanna circle activity in spare time “when there was the tune which it makes before making ‘ fireworks ‘”. One it will increase the percentage of completion of the sweet voice of the lyrical melody and Sungun Ha and this tune featuring is ready according to the agency. The Sungun Ha “the mind which didn’t would like to think carefully and forget the memory with the love men and remember was shown in the housekeeping” told “for a long time valuable memory not+would better be forgotten and it would better keep”. Meantime, sungun Ha who sets up the formal SNS account recently and whom it starts the mutual understanding with the fans is planning to be risen to the Wonneo circle last concert stage performed at Seoul Kocheok sky-dome from the coming 24th until 27th.
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