The B1A4, surprisingly, the present, on 26th, the guerrilla making public of sound source


The Boy group B1 a4 (the palace garden A4) commemorated the enlistment of the renal pelvis and present was surprisingly notified in advance. The agency WM Enteotteinteumeonteu revealed and like this, told “the day ‘ which was revealed over on January 5th B1A4 domestic fan meeting as the gift which the joining the army all renal pelvis prepares and is in a state of lull is planning to be opened in each finish on-line sound source site in the digital single on the coming 26th at 6 o’clock p.m” on 23rd. The new musical composition ‘the day in a state of lull’ is the tune shown to the fans in ‘2,019 B1A4 ♥ BANA 5 fan meeting- no four the won to be come the won more’ (Be the one All for one) taking place on 5th Olympic Park Olympic hall which the renal pelvis, that is the B1A4 the eldest brother, passes with the song which it does the self-composed music for the first time. The day B1A4 official site, in which especially the yesterday (22 days) renal pelvis this new musical composition finishes the joining the army with the song announced after 3 people system re-maintenance of the B1A4 for the first time with the active-duty more, all Moeun the attention first the new musical composition presentation news of is known to be given the fans through the fan cafe The renal pelvis finished previously the joining the army as the yesterday (22 days) active service. The renal pelvis feels sorry for the Bana which it had the joining the army ahead a day and went through my Instagram and were surprised at the enlistment news which is sudden with the letter. However, the vigorous greeting of was given, saying that expected the renal pelvis to come back with the attitude which was increasingly manly and is gallant. After that, it will come back as the nicer eldest brother. HelloMeet in the summer to be loved more hotly. It came back to the summer which it will love more hotly, the choked with grief people was added. The fans were previously known as the message rooting for the joining the army of the renal pelvis through SNS and as to ‘meet in the summer which Deo will love hotly’, that renal pelvis fills out the phrases impressed the fans more. One volume and digital single ‘the day in a state of lull’ of the B1A4 are planning to reveal through 6 o’clock every kind sound source site on the coming 26th.
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