The genre called this conch there is the requested song


There are the day when the bygone love passing ‘the song which I do to forget him that instead of I cry night of which the heart is stuffy’ (this conch and ‘ requested song ‘) comes to mind, day which is hard by the painful love, and playlist which surely it listens. The voice which feels lonesome and is dry is pathetic and it is beautiful she and song of this conch. This conch came back. The single ‘requested song’ paying by the album of this conch person which OST of the drama ‘boyfriend’ is not was revealed to every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 22nd. All Badat the hot interest of the man from the opening to the public with the meeting of in which tableau wrote and which composed and in which shoe of the bulletproof Boy Scouts takes part in moreover, the writing the lyrics and featuring this new musical composition this conch and hip hop musician Entirely appear the expectancy of the listeners in the open immediately after and real-time music chart. In the domestic major 7 sound source site including melon genie music bucks Naver-music sound sea orle music, and etc, P.m. 8 on 22nd, ‘requested song’ of the standard this conch arrived safely in five ranges of real-time music chart. ‘requested song’ in which the calm wrapping of Sugar is added to the tone color of quiet this conch It put that ‘requested song’, informing the start through the housekeeping called ‘surely you come up to the out of a window when being and like this with the elegy’ moreover, this conch does well most. It is the love story end which is sad and sad. At the time when the development which can be a bit plain is worried, the wrapping of Sugar spiting out the housekeeping as this conch calmly becomes more and more. The harmony which is exquisitely beautiful as much as to these worries, which it worried about the voice of this conch if the voice of Sugar was well the Eoureo Ji as to the unfounded fears comes vibrates the ear. The voice of this conch singing the pain of the love as the unchanging voice is pleased always. The song which the warm consolation can become to the like these days chilly day and someone losing the love ‘requested song’ of this conch is not.
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