“the Gyeokjeongaryeon which becomes intense”… girlfriend and 28 Wi of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ singer ranking


The girlfriend in group recorded 28 Wi of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ singer ranking. The girlfriend held in the site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ singer ranking candidate imparting the idol ranking information on 21st. It is the condition where it gets 330 tickets of present and rises per B where it is past that 4 parking vote of 1 month starts. The girlfriend second opinion regular album ‘Time for us’ (the time four earth) title song ‘it does’ (Sunrise) released on 14th put the girlfriend second opinion regular album ‘Time for us’ (the time four earth) title song ‘it does’ (Sunrise) name in the rank. ‘it does’ makes a boast of the previous work ‘night’ (Time for the moon night) of the girlfriend and the continued prologue. It is the tune captivating the mind of the girl who compares the like person to ‘it does’ which doesn’t come into mind yet and is becoming intense more. The feeling complicated of the girl was expressed in the brilliant orchestra arrangement swept over ceaselessly after the composition without the bored chance. Previously, the girlfriend got the love growing up as the concept of the strong emotion Aryeon that he cut ‘starting today, we’ (Me gustastu) ‘the hour is run’ (Rough) ‘finger tip’ (FINGERTIP) ‘night’ back beginning with the debut song ‘glass bead’ (Glass Bead) and built the unchallenged color. It is expected if there is the number which moves ahead of the competing candidates of which the girlfriend coming back to the sensibility which becomes intense more is clear and in which it gains the good grade. Meantime, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ is the play space of the idol fandom providing the community, event, and etc. beat with every kind idol ranking information. Presently, it is proceeding. The vote is continued until 28th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743808.htm, 2019/01/23 16:58:46]