The icon · bulletproof Boy Scouts 3 medal holder… progress · everyone absence ‘flaw in crystal’ (synthesis)


The glory which the group icon and bulletproof Boy Scouts rises to 3 medal holders in ‘the heating chart music awards’ was embraced, ‘the eighth time heating chart music awards’ took place in 23 days Songpa-gu Seoul Jamshil Gymnasium. The Si which the singer Chongcook Kim and group Momo land member builds started with this day MC. The star of the record Jaksang Je of this year, that is the object standing of this day awards ceremony, was the icon. As to these, ㅇ achieved the splendid achievement put name in the long run sound source prize of this year and music award (the digital sound source section) back 3 the section prize winner of this year including the record Jaksang Je of this year. Whenever it fell, the icon advanced to the positive tendency, saying that it was “the first time it tries the acceptance speech much in this way” this. Before getting the love of which there is a lot of this song, the staffs could come out of many sweat and tears due to Heullyeot and the acceptance speech was revealed. The music award of the record section this year the music award of the sound source section this year was announced at this day awards ceremony for the monthly for the per quarter. The music award of the sound source section this year of March turned on the icon Ro from January, the big bang got in order. And Tteuwaiseu put Tteuwaiseu name in April and July. IU and November the between adolescence and June which may will suck the ball the black pink and August the red velvet and September the Lim Changchung and October were genie. 1st quarter wanna circle, 2, 3rd quarter bulletproof Boy Scouts, 4th quarter exo received the music award of the record section this yearYour team including the off line album section stray the digital sound source section (woman) children and steam Ha come kids, eyes circle, which and etc. grabbed the Rookie of the Year award of this year. The world rookie prize of this year returned to the dowel Ijeu and Momo land. This day awards ceremony captivated the eyes with the splendid and seen street and atmosphere as the festival of the Byeoldeul cheerful. However, the regretful mind was left as the unripe progress of the Si made MC, bulletproof Boy Scouts exo wanna circle, including, absence of the majority prize winner, s and etc. The following is ‘the eighth time heating chart music awards’ prize winner list. – big bang (march ‘ flowery path ‘)-the Tteuwaiseu (4 month ‘What Is Love?it is the Rookie of the Year award (the off line album section)-eyes circle which the Rookie of the Year award (the digital sound source section)-(woman) children and steam Ha come and music award (the digital sound source section)-the icon (1 month ‘ love was loved)-Ro of the stray kids this year lap’· the between the adolescence (5 month ‘ journey ‘)- black pink (6 month ‘ Ttuduttudu ‘)-the red velvet (8 month ‘PowerUp’)-the Lim Changchung (9 month ‘ didn’t love you even a day)-IU (10 month ‘ pager ‘)-genie (11 month ‘SOLO’) this year to be sucked 7 month ‘Dance the Night Away’)-ball-1 music award (the off line album section)Of the world rookie on-dowel Ijeu of this year and Momo the land this year be the overseas sound source on-Milra Kka Cabet of the quarter wanna circle (0 1= 1 (I PROMISE YOU)-2· 3rd quarter bulletproof Boy Scouts (LOVE YOURSELF all ‘Tear’ and LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer’)-4th quarter exo (DON’T MESSUP MY TEMPO) the Hat the performance on-the Sebeuntin this year the Ppappyulleo singer on-the Jangdeok season this year (‘Havana’) The lyricist · composer on-bibliography the negative principle in nature of the long run sound source on-the icon (‘ love was loved) it cuts the detection- (the Ballard section) this year of the punch (rhythm and blues section) this year, artist on-Jeon Jaehee of teddy this year, and carrier graphy on-the chirality interest K-POP award of contributor-the bulletproof Boy Scouts K-POP month of the star everyday-Geeeun this year of the Michung Kim · Sangwon Shin this yearThe record Jaksang Je-icon of the Deu Korean entertainer on-the Sebeuntin this year
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