The season of ‘the half of Ppaeng’… Hyochin Kong release charm connecting ‘door lock’


The work the leading role coming to the actress is rare. There is the glad pass made the actor ball filial duty. This winter and Hyochin Kong meet the audience by the new work ‘the half of Ppaeng’ after ‘door lock’. Hyochin Kong spreads the disintegration hot rolling to the elite police silver demonstration character demoted to the hit-and-run task force 1 people ‘the half of Ppaeng’ from the movie ‘the half of Ppaeng’ (the supervision Hahn, Han Junhui · manufacture Hoduaen existence Pictures Co) have the premiere ahead on the coming 30th. Hyochin Kong led the pole to so called, ‘sole striker’ starring in the thriller movie ‘door lock’ (the supervision concession) at December last year. It changed into the character which the situation inside where it is similar to the reality is ordinary and this was incredibly digested. The lively fear was conveyed to the audiences. It is the crime entertainment action this time. The new work ‘the half of Ppaeng’ is the movie drawn the struggle by oneself activity of the hit-and-run task force ‘the half of Ppaeng’ chasing the control inability speed mania businessman with the movie in which ‘chinatown’ Hahn, Han Junhui director finds the megaphone. Notify movie the car action and pungent development where the tension overflows in advance. The Braun tube and screen was come and is gone and it was Hyochin Kong debutting as the movie ”Horror Story in a Girls’ High School’ 2′ developed into the beloved actor with the all thick art to the activity and public in 1999. In 2006, the best actress award in Greece Thessaloniki international film festival with ‘the birth of the family’, in 2008, the seventh time Korea Film Festival best actress award with ‘miss carrot’, in 2017, ‘ missing: It was suspicious and the gold award for photography very best actress award, and etc. for was gained recognition as the disappearing woman ‘ till the acting ability as well as the popularity. It is Hyochin Kong has been release ‘the girl crush’ fascination in the work frequently so far but the crime entertainment action genre is the first time. It is the pleasant work that actress undertakes the title role in the genre in which the actors play an active part as the leading role mainly in that the South Korean viewer enjoy the more abundant culture content. Hyochin Kong for, ” crime entertainment action genre was difficult in the production briefing session opening at December last year on 20th. The appearance is determined and it shoots and even when it is difficult, the something is this fun. The actors will be good, the idea got and it told. Really He, as to the expectancy of the Ppyeol paints magnetism preparation spectators rises any kind of activity in ‘the half of Ppaeng’ in which Hyochin Kong feels the fun.
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