The second “the sources of blessing came” it steps it has a pain under feeling ♥ Chung Jun Ha and abortion


TV shipbuilding anchor under feeling and actor Chung Junhoh couple was pregnant with the second. It is the new life which steps once and which gets the pain of the abortion previously and many these celebration messages are pouring. The netizen, as to “chung Junhoh ‘SKY Castle ‘ is going well and it seems to be the multiple happy occasions” are reacting. Why TV shipbuilding people concerned revealed as “this my humble mind anchor was pregnant with the second” “this summer expected childbirth with 17 weeks of pregnancy” in the call on 22nd. After that, it added to be “one to be appeared continuously on the taste ‘ back program of the body user manual ‘ wife of ‘ I”. Under feeling Chung Junhoh couple got to get the second in 5 years whether he took the first Siuk military in 2014. 2 people undergone the pain of the abortion once after getting married. Chung Junhoh, previously, all Bahyeot under definition abortion fact in one broadcasting The time, that under feeling knew the abortion fact all day long, all Nat only the tear It had to be the year and because it thought that there was the life dying at my inside, it was so deaf and robbed and the news aroused to be unfortunate. Chung Junhoh who it became popular by JTBC Geumto drama ‘SKY Castle’ recently and who is revealed the happy heart. He revealed “the second in which our family has been hoping very gratefully from long time ago appeared” “it will be good healthily and will raise wisely” the impression through the agency. In order to “‘SKY Castle ‘ which joins and ends this week loves much and it thanks you truly” the pretty family will accomplish, after that, Chung Junhoh will try more. The Year of Gold Pig was done and it wished to be much blessed and told. The netizen congratulates. Look good. It is always happy, the taste ‘ of ” (jiji****) “the drama hit through was gotten and it congratulates” (yks8****) “‘ wife is good and also ‘ sky Castle ‘ challenges the actor with the acting. Being the most wonderful. If it will be the daughter, it will be more the big win, the taste ‘ Castle ‘ of ” (yuki****) “castle acting is good and it hangs out, it is well the Bwat Eo and the pregnancy is congratulated” (ysj1****) “‘ wife has the steps outlet well. The health of will be well taken care. It was this time pretty daughter, it will be good. The source of blessing had been finding in the golden pig injury, the reaction of ” (mk10****) back was shown. Meantime, under feeling is donated to ‘the taste of the wife’ ‘my body user manual’ etc. as TV shipbuilding anchor. Chung Junhoh undertakes the university hospital plastic surgeon Kang Junsang role in ‘SKY Castle’ and it is performing enthusiastically.
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