This conch X Sugar and chart all kill in ‘requested song’ opening to the public day


23 days at 9 a.m. the standard and ‘requested song’ (Feat of this conch the new musical composition ‘requested song’ of the singer this conch swept the music chart top in the open day SUGA Of BTS) took Melon. It rose to the first in 7 major sound source site real-time chart including the, orle, sound sea, bucks, and etc. Aittyunjeu is displaying the unlike other people sound source power. According to the Aittyunjeu Top 200 Singles chart, ‘requested song’ records the quarternity in U.S.A right after release. The domestic is crossed such as accounting for the first in 44 areas worldwide including Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Hong kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and etc. and, etc the hot interest is gathered in the overseas each place and there is. Particularly, it uses and it is ㄴ young, this conch is proving Korea female singer idea solo and group the new history of the global chart from Aittyunjeu through the highest ratings ever with ‘requested song’ in all. The bulletproof Boy Scouts sugar takes part in the rap and featuring and writing the lyrics and the requested song ‘ gathers the expectancy of the listeners from the opening to the public. The Eppikhai tableau ind charge of the composition and writing the lyrics and the curiosity of the men about the combination of the hip hop musician and this conch were stirred up. This expectancy is demonstrated. ‘requested song’ is revealed p.m. 6 on 22nd. Soon after, it was being ranked in ten ranges of real-time chart and on 23rd real-time chart top, that is the next day, is swept and the potential energy is being displayed. ‘requested song’ of this conch has a long run and eyes falls if the chart is kept.
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