Till ‘the style of writing Chinese characters desk’ from the political situation fabric softener ‘topic’ ★ writes down


1 ‘OOO lipstick’ and alias called ‘XXX one-piece’ is used. There was a lot of the case where the topic comes to the things which the star including cosmetics clothing, and etc. writes down. This width widened to the fabric softener, desk, and etc. now. The fabric softener which the group bulletproof Boy Scouts member political situation uses, desk, and etc. which ‘the sky Castle’ style of writing Chinese characters uses are attracting attention every day. Firstly, all eyes is turned to the patronize fabric softener. The political situation was spoken to the fabric softener related question “the regular course for fish rubble what time I time (it is using) it Dap” while talking with the fans at the formal fan cafe on 20th. The temporary ran out of stock with the fabric softener which the scent of a flower of the feel cried the Budeu rub like the vanilla appears in the majority shopping mall and the thing in which after political situation takes mention was risen to the Portal site real time searching Eo with the great interest. The next day political situation wrote on the bulletproof Boy Scouts formal twitter account and spoke as “all, the absence of stock it has to buy AMI (the bulletproof Boy Scouts fan club) I fabric softener is mostly used”. It added the hash tag called ‘AMI it is great’. The general programming channels JTBC Geumto drama ‘the sky Castle’ center item which is recently singing the joy of the most popularity such as acceding to 20%daes of audience rating, etc is the popularity. There is the item in which it rises among others as ‘hot issue’. It is 1 ‘the style of writing Chinese characters desk’. It is the sky Castle ‘so called, it looks whole into the desire desperate of the sky Castle center noble family from madams which buys the South Korean higher rank 0.1% gets together’ real comic satire drama ‘. As to desk, which the style of writing Chinese characters uses as the model student dreaming of the prominent college medical college as for the daughter style of writing Chinese characters (the Gimhye gloss) of the Hanser battle formation selected as the leading role in the pole (the Chunga Yum) and Kang Junsang (the Chung Junhoh), the Bat child came the interest with the broadcasting from the beginning. 1 ‘the style of writing Chinese characters desk’ is doing the shape like for one-man use reading room. And it is called as ‘the study cube’. If the sliding door is attached and it closes down, the environment which is cut off from the external and which it can concentrate on the studying is created. This desk was mentioned in the cable channel TvN variety program ‘the nest escape 3’ on 22nd and received the large-scale attention. In this day broadcasting, the couple wearing Yeongkoo Cho illuminated this desk. It reveals the purchase prospect doctor and as to Sinjaeeun, ” these days this desk is the topic. Because of concentrating, it is likely to be perfect, “the son pennae it told” is good looked. It wanted to have and was the interest the steps.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743771.htm, 2019/01/23 16:29:21]