It becomes PSY and Yang Hyun-Suk of the second the agency ‘P NATION’ foundation presentation recruit….


The singer PSY established the company and it was reborn as ‘president’ of the entertainment company. It is all right, PSY is PSY on its own SNS on 24th. The company was established. It was P NATION and the company name was revealed. After that, He told the establishment of corporation reason, saying that it was “it is trying to share with little more many these what I have been work as the past, for 19 years, past, for 19 years, the producer of the singer PSY, manager, and planner learn so far”. Finally, company direction was added as the aspiration in the future. The photo where there is with the presentation was uploaded and He was scouted, PSY gave notice with the agency foundation. It is active as YG entertainment position for 8 years since 2010 and PSY leaves previously for YG entertainment at May last year.
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