‘on 24th, the enlistment’ Yangyoseop and letter.” to the fanOne ” to be come back cheerfully


The impressions was delivered to the fans before the group highlight member double-concave feeding today (24 days) military policeman enlistment. Yangyoseop posted the letter on Instagram with its own photo, the members and put photo in the morning on 24th. He revealed in the letter “it will know already. However, it got to join” “it is excited in the idea which it adapts eagerly to the new environment and meets the new men and makes the memory one more and is anxious”. After that, “it will fulfill faithfully and everyone will come around the work which I in charge of aside and my song will be given” “if it is long, it draws and by being this happy time which can be short if it is short is eagerly desired to fill fullness and stay” the wind were expressed. Finally, it will come back “the opportunity which can become mature more may be not” cheerfully. The day to be met again of will be dreamed and it finished laughingly. Meantime, after entering as Nonsan army recruit training center on 24th and hiting against the basic military training for 5 weeks, it is arranged to the South Gyeonggi Province ask and Yangyoseop serves as the military policeman between 21 months. Moreover, bring out 6 fine sand single album ’20 Full Moons’ afternoon. Two tunes of recording song ‘With You’ ‘Moonlight’ are the self-composed music of the Yangyoseop.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743859.htm, 2019/01/24 08:52:41]