The apology which… rapid is neat after Woosung Chung and ‘the actress the bloom’ make a comment


In connection with that the actor Woosung Chung compared Chunga Yum to ‘bloom’, the crisis with was dealt by the apology which was quick and polite. Woosung Chung wrote on its own Instagram in the afternoon on 24th. It mentions the actor Chunga Yum among the movie ‘witness’ interview and makes a comment ‘the flower didn’t form, it proved as the body’ and there Woosung Chung is adverse criticism. The writing which Woosung Chung uploads was the purpose which is trying to explain this kind of controversy. Woosung Chung told “if the object in which it accepts irrelative of the intention of the expressing man feels the inconvenient mind, this expression of is thought that it has to be sublated and apologizes”, saying that it was “first express the gratitude which is deep at the indication which your affection is young”. After that, He reestablished him resolve “in order to it will think whether there will be personally through this chance that discriminative expression which our society is using unconsciously how is and will take a good look and will introspect, it will try” once again. The text was finished, saying that it was and “convey the mind of the pity which is deep at your good and inconvenient mind which it teaches, thanks once again and which everyone feels and apple”. The netizens seeing the polite written apology of Woosung Chung are leaving the comment which supports him with the atmosphere of early stage differently or which it stands by. All strings the response that one which leaves publicly the quick written apology it sets the point it is exact is impressive the attentionMeantime, woosung Chung is the audiences the schedule with the movie ‘witness’ sharing with Hyangki Kim on February 13th everyday.
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