The bulletproof Boy Scouts and Billboard Maine chart 21 weeks Jjae ‘the chart phosphorus’


The repackage album LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer’ of the bulletproof Boy Scouts recorded 80 Wi of ‘the Billboard 200’ according to the latest chart which it put 21 weeks Jjae name, the group bulletproof Boy Scouts, as to 23 days (local time) Billboard announces in U.S.A Billboard Maine album chart. Therefore, it starts with the entry first share 1 Wi and is recorded in 21 weeks consecutive chart till now and is the popularity at September last year. The first place of ‘the world album’, ‘the independant album’ 5 the upper part, 51 Wi of ‘the top album sales’, and 58 Wi of ‘the Billboard Canadian album’ was and occupied. LOVE YOURSELF victory ‘Her’ and LOVE YOURSELF all ‘Tear’ recorded two Wi of ‘the world album’ and the third, eight Wi of ‘the independant album’ and the 10th, and 67 Wi of ‘the top album sales’ and the 74th. The bulletproof Boy Scouts formed the record 110 number 1 record as well as the itself renewed the longest term successor record by the first place for 80 weeks in a row in ‘the Sosyeol 50’. It put name in two Wi of ‘the artist 100’.
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