The intern reporter the front Chiyeol Hwang and ‘salty I, puffing’ superior


“my body remembers the poverty.”It was the tear the interview which the Hum paints is obvious on the singer Chiyeol Hwang ‘the word which salty in appears’ many times. The entertainer was not and the feel that it is the same as the acquaintance who meets in order to advise on the life got, the Chiyeol Hwang second opinion regular album ‘The Four Seasons’ commemoration of sale interview progressed in the Seongsu-dong one cafe with 17 with the day at 3 p.m. The Four Seasons’ is the album which shows four seasons of the love and disentangles the love story which is various from the beginning of the love to the parting and new beginning with the sensibility of Chiyeol Hwang. Chiyeol Hwang took part including the title song ‘walk the farewell’ in the recording song writing the lyrics of the total of 11 tunes and producing. Most impressive one “it supported with 50,000 won worth padding one throughout the winter” was lessoning his speech among the results speech among the results that it searches Chiyeol Hwang in the bus heading for the interview place. It sheds the tear. After that, it had his lessening “after succeeding, one imported car which the door is thick was bought” another speech so that the tear could be only again sunken. However. Because of being the round interview proceeding from 11 a.m., it thought to might get Chiyeol Hwang tired in one’s own way. However, this prediction was completely missed. He showed the attitude that it thought and answers to be sedate to the question one by one for the interview. As to the days as an unknown which ” past was difficult, how do you think? The memory which doesn’t want to go back again the anisChiyeol Hwang was spoken to the question of the senior reporter as “I of the then is just I on the end”, saying that it was “it would like to go back again, or the idea is not the year the days which it didn’t want to remember”. After that, ” past and I doesn’t have other one. At that time, the mind in which the habit came to lived one still and which be trying to+would like to trying to do the something always and which make a challenge was strong, after all, Chiyeol Hwang of “***” then through was gotten. It divided into one which is changed because of after all, regarding me so far as Chiyeol Hwang ‘the past I was how’ and didn’t think, it told. After that, the body remembers the poverty if He is. There was no changed one, it was likely to work busily continuously in this way, it told. The body remembered the poverty, it was weak, the several reporters nodded head in the word of Chiyeol Hwang to don’t know. It was dim, did the time of the year 9 which He comes on foot and which was lonenly and which is tired can not be understood? However, there was his approaching more as the comfort more than this end. What is than one which is difficult for ” money Chiyeol Hwang talking the days as an unknown is in. It was the time when the hope will be broken and told. The something, as to He is likely to go well, if it wants, it falls down. It will go well and, if it wants, it is again broken. In this way, I was explained to experience that hope is broken that it thought that I was more difficult. It was the confession which the sincerity in which it wells up from the strong endurance of Chiyeol Hwang walking the path of the single silently is young for a long time. Chiyeol Hwang was and said “when there is never once no occasion receiving the consolation”. He added as “it was not the way which I the parents come reliable. Even when releasing the first albums 12 years ago, ‘ I was the single, the feel was strong” “as to this regular album, there are the consolation instinct called the fans and box Jjeum. However”. It was conjectured if He came on foot alone in order to maintain the firm belief of me. After that, he laughed at the question the Chiyeol Hwang “that cheer or consolation, absolutely, not, all Hasin” “because, even when I go into the eel for the first time, it doesn’t support at all and originally the stillnecessarily particular word for is not done” and the interview latter half part Jjeum “the parents spends the end of the cheer during so that these days can be how” said him. The time finishing the interview was impressive. It was this edge Jjeum in which the public work called ‘interview’ ended and which comes back to the private seat. Chiyeol Hwang publicized ‘The Four Seasons’ album lastly. Endlessly He taking off was the same as ‘the brother that neighborhood is well known’ at this time to be previously sedate. All Yeoreot He holding up the album one by one “originally the phrases that it is ‘4’ and ‘ Chiyeol Hwang ‘ was trying to be driven into the album cover” the mouth After that, but is he the Simpeul Ha to become now? It removed all on the basis of so that the practicality could be made so that the reporters can, can use as the diary, the reporters explained “***” year 1 continuously to be good if it used well as the diary. When the group of reporters shows for courtesy’s sake (?) smile, then the possession the partition is much and drawn as the diary form like ” real diary and Chiyeol Hwang is useful. “***”, then, the absoluteness take this paper (the index paper covering the cover after the album) off after the album just Because it was not misunderstood by Chiyeol Hwang album, it didn’t worry and used, the chattiness was shaken. Does he have a lot of my photograph in ” album to the end? But if ‘face of Chiyeol Hwang hates’ wants, the post-it is attached and this can cover. Went, then “***” could be meaningfully used, ‘ grain of sesame explanation ‘ was added and the reporters were worn a smile. In this way, the new musical composition ‘walk the memory’ of Chiyeol Hwang whom the life starts as the singer ‘the sweet flovor, puffing’ I am opened now p.m. 6 on 21st.
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