The reason why ‘the destiny move aside’ and evening drama is broadcasted every the morning?


‘the destiny move aside’, that is the drama, is re-broadcasted with the morning timeframe evening on 1st and the attention of TV viewers leans. KBS 2 TV ‘the destiny move aside’ begins to be re-broadcasted from 21st at 9 o’clock a.m. and the audiences are puzzled. As to ‘the destiny move aside’, because of being drama brocasted main weekday afternoon at 8:30 in KBS 1TV, originally the unexpected morning formation makes the curiosity. There is this in relation with KBS 2TV morning drama ‘the love of the wife it asks to be cold’ ended at last 18th. KBS reveals previously in connection with this “the morning drama decided to be abolished in order to strengthen the drama contents competitiveness” “since until being cold and ending the love ‘ of the wife, there is no succeeding work, move aside, the destiny is planning to be re-broadcasted”. The audiences having the discontent toward this decision are noticeable to the eyes. While the netizens drank the coffee to watch ” morning drama, it was the pleasure and the rebroadcasting is what. Revive, ” (wlsw****) ” receiving fee is not gotten. Isn’t the reason why it gets the receiving fee to give a small number of audience to take care? (sipe****) Do again ” morning drama. The audience rating is not everyone. Or one which makes the drama continuously, and the useful performer comes out This can be the chance to the actors who is the god. It got hit by the popular star and got hit by the idol actor and there was no ground, the men of god put up ” (ci78****) back comment. Meantime, ‘the destiny move aside’ is the soil bottom of the water man and common drama the surrounding personages go up the strength of the destiny upside down against and which finds the love and dream before and in which it pushes the challenge. The actor Taesung Kang, Seohyorim, and Park gloss was slept. The back that Qin example is narrow was in charge of the starring. The drama is brocasted main every week starting Monday Friday at 8:30 p.m. in KBS1.
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