The Shinhwa Eric, in 8 years, the independence fan meeting…’The brother ‘ coming back


The Shinhwa Eric hosts the independence fan meeting in 8 years. Like this, the T.O.P media told to Eric of which revealed and which it comes on February 16th myth have the birthday and hold the independence fan meeting ‘2019 ERIC’ S Moonday’ and prepare the seat which the meaning is deep with the fans. Eric was ready with the purpose that this fan meeting has mutual understanding on the occasion of the birthday of Eric at the fans and the nearer place. All strings the attention the reaction hot of the fans is produced with one proceeding after the single fan meeting furthermore taking place in 2011 in 8 years it calls Especially, this birthday fan meeting attracts with the one’s first venture at peddling which it shows after Eric signs the T.O.P media and exclusive contract and there is. All strings the attention which the fan meeting poster center Eric who moreover is opened through the formal SNS channels of Eric suffers the sought costume of all black, is the result it is emitting strongly it is sexyThe ticket reservation of the birthday fan meeting ‘2019 ERIC’ S Moonday’ of the Eric progresses through YES24 on the coming 25th at 9 o’clock at night.
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