#the study cube# the style of writing Chinese characters desk, now ‘Seukkaikkaeseul’ age.


There is the keyword heating the real-time search word ranking hotly on 23rd. Directly, ‘the study cube’ and ‘the style of writing Chinese characters desk’ When these men would like to purchase the desk, then this seems to go up this to the drama ‘SKY Castle’ appearing for study desk to the real-time search word ranking. JTBC it records the audience rating 22.3 % (nielsen Korea and charge platform standard) and is doing the hot getting popularity as it does it several times. Gold and Saturday drama ‘SKY Castle’ which While having 2 times ahead, but the word in fashion and fashion item which the drama leaves was pointed out till the end. #the study cube# it is for study desk which one Deung of child deliberation care-of and Yaesuh Kang (the Gimhye gloss) patronize frequently among the style of writing Chinese characters desk pole. When the style of writing Chinese characters studied, this desk called for one-man use reading room patronize frequently and was naturally on the air. The entrance examine coordinator Kim Ju-Young (suhhyeong Kim), moreover, the study cube of the style of writing Chinese characters was seen and it praised “it had well and put”. #the pushing on Shinhwa# the popularity which moreover is cyclonic with the accessories which the Hanser gin (the Chunga Yum) show the blind maternal love in the Chunga Yum # pearl earings ‘SKY Castle’ wears mainly recently is attracted and there is. One in which the styling of Chunga Yum matching the pearl earings mainly begins to be popular in the graceful cut Recently, it started that pearl earings of the design attracted the hot popularity. #the Agal head# it is the word in fashion which it tears the # with a great puff, ‘SKY Castle’ makes. ‘the Agal head is split’ which it is a bit violent, however, is on the other hand delightful. It became the shame which the Hanser jeans which pretended to erase its own past and be elegant his wife makes frequent use of the past lived as Mihyang Kwak after being detected out. Feel the time that actor Chunga Yum gets this lines and unlike other people pleasant sensation.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743821.htm, 2019/01/24 00:00:03]