This glass X thumb circle ‘the spring comes’ and ‘the Wo catamenia attacked U.S’ from the initial


The now which 2 ladies settle down while the body of the anchor doing not know no more than me and former actor member of National Assembly madam devoting to the family is changed it captivated the viewers, the drama ‘the spring comes’ is broadcasted to the actor this glass and activity of the thumb circle from the first broadcastings with 23 with the day afternoonIt was the fantasy comedy drama of the content that it gets to recover, the gun fire at random left the gene substitution laboratory of California quantum mechanics institute in 1, 2 times between the scientists that succeeded in the experiment of which the body of the man is changed and feel happy suddenly and the scene in which the spring Il (gimnamhui) stole the medicine at the untidy chance and which comes out was drawn. After that, when the scene was converted, then it was messy but the everyday of this spring (the thumb circle) going into the day with the habit which was neat and systematic came out with the house of the Bomi Kim (this glass element) having one’s own rule alternately. The appearance which the ambition of Bomi Kim whom it gets to rise to MBS main news anchor post overflows and aspects of this spring dedicated for the husband who is the member of National Assembly is full. For example, the contradictory personality of 2 people was shown. In after California quantum mechanics research institute, the plan to dose up Bomi Kim with the medicine in secret was set up that spring hired, the spring Il which stole the medicine in which the body is changed and runs away visited (the inside Se lower part) and the spring mistaking about growing old for the moment hired the medicine of the spring Il. However, while the plan was warped, it became to take the medicine of which the body is changed with Bomi Kim till this spring and while in conclusion, the body of 2 people got to be changed, the pole fell into the development where it cannot predict. Meantime, this day watching of drama Ryul (the Nielsen Korea standard and (the) whole household) recorded 2.2 % (1, 2 times)s. However, the filter paper of the rally is left with the hot rolling burning the body of the rapid development and actors from the initial. Today, (24 days) is having 3 and the fourth broadcasting ahead at 10 p.m. that spring comes.
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