When It becomes ‘missing’ this natural span of life and issuing king. The story which wears the degree mourning and which it drops ‘the stitch, profusely’


The former member of the national team soccer player this natural span of life suffered the taekwondo uniform and it showed. This natural span of life which was called as ‘the lucky adventurer on the ground’ and took an active part He challenges the other event ‘jegichagi’ even when being similar to the soccer this time. This natural span of life opening the cage of the sports-related moving picture contents which the earth-defense corps FC’ ‘ large-scale farming map ‘ etc. is various presents ‘ issuing king this natural span of life ‘ project this time. After disappearing for 3 years after leaving the last vestige in the Bukhan mountain, the program setting differential natural span of life wears the taekwondo uniform suddenly one day and appears and defeats the sportsdom and entertainment world corianders by the jegichagi. ‘the issuing king this natural span of life’ is the concept informing the resurrection of the game jegichagi of disappears more and more while many stars take part our tradition before. This natural span of life getting in the World Cup moves this right leg with the during one’s career foot free kick constantly this time and the jegichagi coriander of is dreamed. The participation lineup can take notice. The leading roles of 4 Kang Shinhwa start the Lee, Yi Yeongpeo, Yungsu Choi, Kim Tae-yeong, and etc. including Hangsuh Park Vietnam national soccer team coach accomplishing this month UAE Asian Cup eight principles after ASEAN league of soccer (AFF) Suzuki cup victory last month in 2002. The singer realization and comedian this fibrous root is planning to appear among the celebrity. It told prior to the program this natural span of life “if when the game of our tradition got attention again, it will be good such as the boom of the jegichagi will occur due to ‘ issuing king this natural span of life ‘, etc”. The contribution occurred by ‘the issuing king this natural span of life’ is delivered to the dying at one’s post of duty fire officer scholarship for children. The trailer can see in ‘the touch play’ YouTube and facebook.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743896.htm, 2019/01/24 13:51:05]