‘boyfriend’ eventuality the happy ending Hyegyo Song X Park Bo-gum, well (synthesis)


The combination of the actor Hyegyo Song and Park Bo-gum All Moat the interest which the TvN TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘boyfriend’ looking forward with the name is hot from the broadcasting However, the lid was opened and it looked. ‘chemie’ done the unbalancing of 2 actors and development and talk without the differentiation were continued. Unlike expectancy, ‘boyfriend’ which there is no topic of conversation, it ends leaves the sense of frustration. In ‘boyfriend’ (the script Yeonga Yoo and direction shucked shellfish mistake) last episode where it is broadcasted on 24th, the looking on string (hyegyo Song) and Gimjinhyeok (park Bo-gum) reunite and the happy ending was taken. Gimjinhyeok was declared to visit to the looking on string notifying farewell and would not give up. As to He, you can part. I will love. It betted whether my love won whether your parting won and it told. Nevertheless, the looking on string could not seize Gimjinhyeok for the world. All Badat the shoe box which Gimjinhyeok after looking on string makes As to this shoes, the looking on string, as to Gimjinhyeok was holding up the shoes with the shoes in Cuba previously so far. Gimjinhyeok is the shoes which it takes to make ‘ you at the letter. It believes when it will take so that this shoes can build you again. This shoes is seen and remember. Until the end could realize the looking on string you to forget to be the love of my only one, the detail was our happy steps contained. In the shoe box, there was the film container. Bright figure of the looking on string was contained. The looking on string ran immediately to Gimjinhyeok and checked the mind. It proposed Gimjinhyeok a marriage after the year 1 the looking on string “it gets married. Then”. All Moat the great interest ‘boyfriend’ is previously the art which it selects for the first time Hyegyo Song gets married with Jungki Song Because of being and Park Bo-gum who this partner is Jungki Song and close actor, the expectancy was higher. However, there was the concern. The public was ‘there is the immersed number’ as much as the relationship of this 3 Ceram was well known. The concern was realized. The looks considered the Alkongdal bean of Hyegyo Song and Park Bo-gum was awkward. Additionally, the acreage came out of ‘the degree of concentration is broken because of the age gap’. There was previously the concern which also is abundant by the age gap of Lee Byung-hun and Taeri Kim with the TvN drama ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ but it solved cogently by 2 learned actings. However, hyegyo Song and Park Bo-gum was unable to be the smoke where there is the persuasive power overcoming the age gap the steps. While especially Park Bo-gum was seized by the drama opening part acting ability dispute, it was awkward, the Gimjinhyeok role which He ins charge of had the itself. Particularly it is not different from the acting which Hyegyo Song showed so far. There was the setting up called ‘ice princess’ fairy tale hotel representative. However, the looks as much as the hundred was unable to be shown and the sense of frustration was left the change in acting style. Meantime, ‘the sincerity arrives’ of the starring getting through Donguk Lee and U-ey is broadcasted to ‘boyfriend’ subsequent on February 6th for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743974.htm, 2019/01/25 07:48:17]