Chinyeong Park and marriage, in 6 years, the begetting a daughter “the music gift the daughter is”


The representative producer Chinyeong Park (47) of the singer and JYP entertainment learned the daughter with the marriage in 6 years. Chinyeong Park conveyed the begetting a daughter news to its own Instagram on 25th, saying that it was “it was over at 10 a.m. this morning and the daughter was born”. After that, the song of the title that it is the self-composed music ‘this hand catching tightly’ introduced him, saying that it was “the voice was a mess but the gift was given and it wanted and the sleep was not made since yesterday” “it would like to have with the world all parents and children”. In the revealed song lyrics, the content that it is ‘whenever the My Baby falls until this hand catching tightly is put, I will award as to your side, the/is confidently run and dream, don’t forget that there is the place to come back when possibly the world RZ rides with the/with the board that time when the/puts this hand some time ago and when it flies away far will come because there am I’ was contained. 9 year old was soft on October, 2013 and Chinyeong Park remarried with the people. The pregnancy of the wife of was informed the Instagram of 22 I at September last year and He pledged him “it is very amazing to become the father. It is not true to nature but the best is trying to be run out”.
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