Colorful 2 month theater districts and expected piece ‘the known Ri dozen’ · ‘witness’ · ‘the Saba Ha’


The colorful genre film meets the audience from coming February and SF action till the mystery thriller. Three expected pieces stimulating the seeing desire and known Ri dozen: The battle angel ‘ witness ‘ Saba Ha attracts attention. ◆ “the best CG”…’The known Ri dozen: The known Ri dozen attracting with the first action blockbuster in advance this year with the battle angel “: Visit on February 5th theater which the battle angel ‘ (the supervision Robert Rodriguez) comes. The known Ri dozen: The James Meron Kka of the battle angel ‘it is the successive generations all world film box-office ranking 1 and the second with the work drawing the story of the cyborg girl losing 26 century and memory will know Ri dozen (rosa Rajareu Sal) which’ avatar ‘ Taitanic ‘ made. And ‘ thin city ‘ Robert Rodriguez director found the megaphone. It visited Korea prior to the release of a movie on 24th and Rajareu Sal the leading role Robert Rodriguez director of the movie and John LAN met the domestic fans in the producer and actor. The director is the movie show in the screen which is the biggest for ” universal. The best CG and best cinematic experience will become after ‘avatar’. This work prepared in 20 years and pulled the expectancy of the domestic fans up onto fully. ◆ ‘witness’ Woosung Chung X Kim fragrance and warm breathing of the warm meeting actor Woosung Chung and Hyangki Kim were notified. It is directly the end in the movie ‘witness’ (the director one’s departure from Korea · manufacture Co. Radish Birak and Co. Library side studio). All Geuryeot the story which the witness ‘ starts while the lawyer Soonhoh (the Woosung Chung) which has to prove the innocence of the powerful murder suspect meets the autism girl close friend (hyangki Kim) who is the only witness of the spot of incident 5. in Lotte scenario competition, it was completed with the scenario getting the grand prix and synergy of ‘the Wan interest’ ‘the elegant fabrication’ or less the director. And it is having come on February 13th unsealing a period ahead. In the current movie, as to Woosung Chung, the lawyer of the murder suspect and Hyangki Kim changed into the autism girl who is the only witness of the spot of incident. It was unfamiliar at first time but it learns 2 the feeling which it is the Wabnyeonhi disintegration changed was delicately drawn with 2 characters that understood the sincerity gradually and have mutual understanding. The expectancy leans to the activity of 2 actors to fill the theater district with the warm warmth. ◆ This time, ‘newly emerging religion’…’Park Chungmin who it arranges- phosphorus and kite ‘ back along with the black priest ‘jaehyun Jang director new work’ Saba Ha ” thief ‘ assassination ‘ along with- Crime And Punishment ‘, has been spreading the unchallenged acting ability every the box-office star this standing having a pain in the mouth and art in which my world ‘ Byeonsan ‘ back donates only ‘ watchman ‘ Dongju ‘ that is the starring. Jaehyun Jang director of ‘the black priests’ found the megaphone. ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang · manufacture Co. Iron hand in a velvet glove) calling the expectancy together to the introduction of the leading roles opens on February 20th. The Saba Ha ‘ is the mystery thriller drawing the talk in which the Mocksa Park (this standing) following the new religious sector gets to install the suspicious character and cases with the bad luck week and which starts. It is the modern play of the year 5 of this standing. It is the interest if the strong actor battle formation including Chinyeong Chung ferryboat Gyu Idawit, it is Park Chungmin suffering including him and etc. forms any kind of combination. While the urgent cases which it cannot predict with the refreshing meterial called the newly emerging religion ‘ are expected, the curiosity is stirred up if really any kind of movie spreads in the screen.
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