‘geehyun Yoon in police’…’ which ‘the style of writing Chinese characters mother’ is notThe half of Ppaeng ‘ Chunga Yum and glad change


It is ‘geehyun Yoon in police’ in which ‘the style of writing Chinese characters mother’ is not. The preparation captivating the change and audience with the police in which Chunga Yum walk ‘the general trend actor’ pass is full of the charisma was finished. Chunga Yum revealed the impression for the public entertainment of the work which attended the movie ‘the half of Ppaeng’ (the supervision Hahn, Han Junhui · manufacture Hoduaen existence Pictures Co) media distribution trade show which is held in the Jung-gu Jang-chung Dan Ro Mega-box Dongdaemun p.m. 2 on 24th and follows. It is Chunga Yum who visits the screen and Braun tube often to the others ‘JTBC drama take the audience rating high-flying’ SKY Castle (the sky Castle) ‘ which the word of mouth ‘the movie which attracts 5.2 million audiences and gives a performance’ are perfect and is getting the public love. It is ‘the half of Ppaeng’ this time. All Geuryeot the struggle by oneself activity of the hit-and-run task force ‘the half of Ppaeng’ ‘the half of Ppaeng’ following the control inability speed mania businessman to the movie in which ‘chinatown’ Hahn, Han Junhui director finds the megaphone Chunga Yum attempted the change in acting style in the new work as the secret examination belonging to metropolitan investigation team and exaggeration Geehyun Yoon character. This day Chunga Yum emitted the look the consistently stiffening and strong mood as if it changed sufficiently into the character. It smiled as if the story about the following public entertainment of the work was awkward only then. Chunga Yum took a bow as ” many works much. It was happy as the actor and the luck was taken off the interesting work ” every time carefully to make the other character. As to Geehyun Yoon, whom Chunga Yum acts Hyochin Kong blows out the strong charisma to the senior officer of the resentful silver demonstration the intense movement. He has that on ” this character is so wonderful and it thinks. The supervisor, about this, all Nanwot the story It will be difficult but was the end and that I judged the nice character the result was expected to the spare audiences. It is and the pleasant to produce the new character from ” actor work. Many characters of wanted to be continuously played a role in the good work, it was the aspiration dirty. The curiosity about the Ji which the quantity of the current movie center Chunga Yum was adjusted by the work of the latter half had been bursting by the popularity hot of the drama ‘the sky Castle’ in which Chunga Yum is taking an active part. When the drama was mentioned, then Chunga Yum seemed to wear a smile as if it were shy. With respect to this, it explains “the amount of each character and balance was similar in (with the movie) from the step scenario work” and is seeing so that ” Chunga Yum senior’s work (‘ sky Castle ‘) can be humorous. The activity of Chunga Yum for was rooted if the health of was well taken care and it was encouraged, it will be good. The expectancy leans if this activity leaves any kind of impression to the audiences. The press conference the end Chunga Yum is in a long time to challenge the character which the mother of ” someone or wife is not. The many interest and loves was asked and it made a request. ‘the half of Ppaeng’ meeting the change in acting style of Chunga Yum visits the audience from the coming 30th.
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