Shoe and gambling charge accreditation… netizen ‘Jalgasyu’


It is him taking care of the darling of the S.E.S for a while. It was called. However, he stopping at the court hung head today and “be sorry” repeated the word again. Moreover the netizens seem to get a shock by the shabby end of ‘fairy’ a lot. Shoe attended in the trial opened in Seoul eastern district court by the criminal 11 single in the morning on 24th. This day shoe displayed figure which admits the arraignment fact in the first trials altogether after the prosecution without detention changed into the overseas charge of habitual gambling. In the Macao place, the point that it was admitting the gambling charge of be: extended over the total of 26 times about 700 million won and deeply is regretting was appealed. After shoe proceeded with the edaily and exclusive interview and presently, conveyed the state of mind. He regretted the fault “it was very scary to be the gambling. It realized desperately to could prey on a person and family”, saying that it was “I who was unable to be good at the small game like the Blue Marble didn’t know about the dream that it became so that I could gamble”. However, the time was already late. The public reaction is cold venally it was the gambling Haet. Is the Blue Marble and gambling the same? Why it is compared and does wae talk? Is the gambler almost the children who play ” (suba***) and ” Blue Marble to be more insulted? ” (amor***), “the uis Vuitton wallet of is made a boast of Chanel glass frame, as if” (fasc), “Tteolchyeonaegesyu” (mina***), “Jalgasyu” (hiro***), and next trial date of “Manghaesyu” (rsvp***) shoe is 20 minutes the Mwon sound at 3 p.m. on February 7th.
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