Son Suk-hee “in 2017, the minor collision fellow passenger and obvious false” (formal)


On every kind of false claim addition position that JTBC is related to Son Suk-hee president was revealed. The report material was presented on 25th and JTBC was done “as to son president, the captain and some report that there was the fellow passenger reveals with the minor collision in 2017 at that time to be the obvious false”. After that, it told “when this case is purposely driven to ‘ Son Suk-hee flawing ‘ and the nature of the case is shown as the intention cloudy of problem person concerned Kim Woong Ssi”, saying that it was “one which the almost one to prove this will submit to the organization investigation”. In the meantime, “all FALSE news producers and surrounds this case including this diffuser and this who will be determinedly dealt through the additional complaint to the medium which tells as it will be the fact” revealed the meaning. JTBC was added “instead of revealing one by one, data of the concrete intimidation of which the detail, and etc. that Kim Woong Ssi who is the party in question requests the large sum to Son president are contained will be altogether submitted to the organization investigation”. It insisted to be the Seoul Mapo at last 10th at 11 p.m. at 50 minutes and be assaulted in Sangam-dong one bar to Son president and, Kim Woong reported to the police according to the police on 24th. As to Kim Woong, the several times was the face assaulted by Son president. It was known to submit to the medical certificate saying that the Shanghai of three weeks of transposition was worn. Here, it insists to have till the conversation record file and, the wavelength is becoming larger. JTBC was revealed as “the essence of one which rather threatens Son president when Kim Woong Ssi asked Son president for the illegal employment but it doesn’t become as one likes this case” in this regard. The position was revealed as “the same request was in this case day. When refusing this, then it got angry suddenly and was excessively excited” “the issue, all, it touches with bangs with the hand set up ‘ mind” in connection with the violence. Son president will tell and in this day JTBC ‘news room’ to be short for ” news time before starting. It knows that it was much surprised by the driver about me today. There will be a lot of the words to be given as me but the clearly dissimilar future as well which can be will rolled, it will light all ones, it believes in “***” judicial authorities will shake, there will be no fact and claim, ‘news room’ with will have been being proceeded. The word that it got to cause in order to implant in everyone watching ‘news room’ and it is sorry of was given and first of all, the position was revealed shortly.
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