The chi · genie and parting.” in the passionate love accreditation one monthWith seniors and juniors in world of singers (formal)


The chi (jongin Kim ·25) of the group exo giving the passionate love news and black pink genie (23) didn’t come to one month at January 1st in 2019 as yet and the news of break up of was given. The Ka agency SM Entertainment Company Limited revealed on 25th, “it is right that 2 people parts recently” “it returned to the senior-junior relationship”. This day SBS FunE quoted the speech of the representative of the world of singers and reported “khazeni decided to remain as seniors and juniors in world of singers” “when the determination and parting were determined because there was a lot of the work yet”. At last first, the dispatch opened the picture which Khazeni is love passionately. According to the dispatch, the date was secretly enjoyed in the late night Sangam-dong Sky Park at November last year and as soon as the overseas performance which is the car was finished, 2 people found genie of the address. The agency SM Entertainment Company Limited of after 2 man and YG entertainment acknowledged the passionate love fact, saying that they were “while meeting the good feeling”. As to the entertainment world first public couple came Khazeni in 2019. However, it didn’t come to one month as yet and ㅇ informed the parting fact. Meantime, the world of singers Khazeni is the car senior-junior relationship in 4. The active musical activity had been being engaged with the year 2,012 EXO (exo) the album “‘The 1st Album XOXO (KISS&HUG) ‘ it debuts as ‘MAMA’ EXO-K The 1st Mini Album” the 2nd Album ‘EXODUS’ ‘ ‘EX’ACT-the The 3rd the Album’ the etc. which is the car. Moreover, it had been taking an active part in many ways such as appearing, etc. The black pink album ‘SQUARE ONE’ made debut in 2016 and genie cut ‘SQUARE TWO’ ‘SQUAREUP’ etc. after black pink. Moreover, the first solo album ‘SOLO’ was put on sale and the first place of all sorts of music charts was recorded and the possibility was proved as the solo.
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