The day of the church 2 billion won ‘kingdom’ opening to the public and Netflix is well known and do you take off?


The release date of the new the original series ‘kingdom’ of the international on-line movie streaming service Netflix was bright. It advances and the domestic is Asia’s first original series. The attention of the whole world leans to ‘kingdom’ it starts real Asian hunting if it can set an aim in life in the Asian countries firmly. As to the actor general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Ryu Seongryong Dona Bae starring ‘kingdom’ (the script Eunhui Kim · direction Kim Sunghun), the global same time is revealed in Netflix at 5 p.m. with today, (25 days). The season 2 degree was early notified in advance as 6 volumes kicked the time. The jas going hungry become the monster by the Phytophthora blight. It is new ‘zombie genre’. ‘kingdom’ is the mystery thriller drama painted 15, 16 century sir Joseon the greed wrong for the human power, hunger of the people, and struggle history which confronts this and fights as the background. 27 language subtitles, 12 kinds of language dubbings meet 190 country fans in Netflix. Real Asian offensive of Netflix started. At November last year, ‘netflix See What’ S Next in Netflix Singapore: The lineup event was held as the title called Asia’. It was the Asia the first multi title lineup event in which APAC media, the corporation and business partner takes part after Netflix Asia launching in 2016. Asia 11 country 300 Yeo people including Thailand, and etc. glorified the seat Japan Singapore part including Korea. Netflix is the world biggest on-line video streaming service enterprise sharing with 190 countries and about 137 million people of subscriber. However, it is threatened 1 seat about the North America online motion picture service (OTT) market from the Amazom prime, Hullu, and etc. the Asia-Pacific region share ends up about 9% (the global media investigation company digital TV research standard). Netflix emphasized the point that it is seeing Asia as the important market in the event at that time. In Asian middle, explain the reason why most, the contents person in charge TED saran DOS (Ted Sarandos) pays attention to the Korean market and like Korean movie and TV content as ” universal these are seeing the point that there are the lot of these. So, Korea revealed as the part ” which is important in the Asian region strategy investment. In addition, the great interest was expressed. The founder and CEO lead Hastings (Reed Hastings) “when it thinks that ‘ Kingdom ‘ is loved in the whole world” took notice of ‘kingdom’. It is Netflix investing about 170 billion wons in the movie ‘ok letter’ and drama ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ etc. domestic contents manufacture after Asian launching. In ‘kingdom’, the church about 2 billion won was included. The visual art of the good quality which it kicks the last time and is made with 4K high definition and the feeling of movement overflows can be expected. The signal ‘eunhui Kim writer’ tunnel ‘ Kim Sunghun supervision took hand in hand and it uncased the imagination fully in the free environment called Netflix. The steam writer melted the keyword of interested in ‘zombie’ ‘history’ etc. in this ‘kingdom’ completely usually. In the majority event seat, the steam writer was comfortable in the restriction of ” (than the domestic platform) expression, he didn’t spare words. ‘kingdom’ as well as which puts the qualitative and which it makes the production cost this, as to Netflix decides on the quality of the contents and story importantly The interest is concentrated if Netflix can fly this day opening to the public up to the footstool in the Asia-Pacific region with a flapping.
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