The foreign currency to was gone and one movie was visited at last.


The Korean movie occupied the box office higher rank seat again. It is pushed by the foreign film for one year in 2018 and the energy is unable to be easily exhibited. And then it has the shape that atmosphere is inverted from this year. Additionally, the long time box office higher rank was being ranked between one month. Good tendency of the Korean movie was notified in advance this year. 331,798 people was mobilized on 24th day and solder 한 ‘extreme Job’ (the supervision Lee Byung-hun) ranking 724,435 accumulated audience according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result on 25th at last 23rd. It is the fast performance speed with the first place of box office. 1 million breakthroughs seem to be light in this first shares of unsealing. ‘extreme Job’ is the comic investigation pole putting the talk which gets to take instantly the word of mouth with the good restaurant and in which the narcotic chicken which five Ibnang of narcotic team of the disorganizational crisis founds the stomach for the criminal syndicate sweeping gets wider. The sticky lines of Lee Byung-hun director and actor Ryu Seongryong, this west wind, ferryboat Gyu, Idonghwi, and perfect match of the resonance lamp are made so that it can, cannot take eyes off for a second. Two Wi of box office are ‘the horse Moi’ (the supervision Yoona Eom). After opening this film opened at last ninth, the first place of box office was guarded for a long time and the long term box-office success was kept. ‘the horse Moi’ mobilized 40,424 people on 24th day and ranking 2.470105 million accumulated audience. As to dirty ‘the horse Moi’, the nap which the peculiar made the harmfulness comic Seureop put together well the story which our history center is hidden. It is the good film that impression and comedy, human, and etc. are well thanks to this in harmony with ㅇ, young and old are disregarded and everyone enjoys. All strings the change in acting style of Gaesang Yoon opening and the strong smoke in ‘criminal city’ with the ethnic Koreans living in China Jangchen the attention Besides, the veteran actors including the starboard, Taehun Kim, Sonyeong Kim, Minjinung, and etc. have together and the percentage of completion of the movie is improved. The third is ‘this guy of inter-ocular’ (the supervision Hyochin Kang). 22,825 people was mobilized at last 24th day and this film opening 9th, that is the day like ‘the horse Moi’, ranking 1.783816 million accumulated audience. All Damat the story of the uncle who the soul the camp and this film of Sungung Park starring is changed to the accidental accident and high school student The common setting up and one which there was no expectancy about the success of film in the meterial the fact However, ‘this guy of inter-ocular’ overturned the expectation of everyone. 1.5 million people who is the break-even point was exceeded. ‘this guy of inter-ocular’ which is taking the word of mouth and is being the long term box-office success seems to gather in the future steady audience.
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