The shoe · Sunghoon Kang · isomerism battle formation and ‘of the idol’ fall ‘


It was the idol of everyone for a while but there are the stars that bring disgrace on that honor and memory now and walk the downhill road by oneself. The entertainment world stained with the choice which they who is ‘the eternal fairy’ ‘the eternal brother’ get off and which goes wrong It gathered in their cases. ◆ shoe and ‘the auspices fairy’, accidentally. The idol girl group S.E.S native shoe accepted the several hundred million won gambling trip one charge in the first trials altogether at last 24th. The East Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office criminal 11 single Cheolhan Yang head judge held the first trials about shoe charged with the charge of habitual gambling on 24th. Shoe becomes the fraudulent gambling of the total 790 millionwon size the prosecution without detention by one charge between May from the overseas including Macao, and etc. about 26 times previously from August, 2015 in 2018. In this day justice, as to shoe, “the arraignment fact is altogether admitted” answered concisely to the question of the judge as “***”. After that, it got out of and He revealed against the question of the group of reporters asking the state of mind “arouse criticism and be sorry”. ◆ then the Andoe G.I. Rock Boy group Jekseukkiseu from Sunghoon Kang got involved in the court debate by Sunghoon Kang and fans due to the cheating · embezzlement charge. About 70 Jekseukkiseu fan submitted the complaint to Supreme Prosecutors’ Office against the person fan club Huni world of Sunghoon Kang and He on last November 12th. At that time, the fans asserted the Jekseukkiseu debut in relation with the commemoration image time event in the 20th anniversary that Sunghoon Kang and Huni world embezzled the ticket sale earnings. After all, Sunghoon Kang revealed against the formal fan cafe Huni world in this “it agreed to cancel the exclusive contract under YG and coat with 32 jas on December, 2018. And all activities are trying to be put down as Jekseukkiseu” at last first. In the eagle, the Sunghoon Kang “the situation where it cannot predict the time to come back with the psychological health problem” explained “it was due to judge that any more Jekseukkiseu activity delays to inflict the trouble which is big in the team”, saying that it was this. ◆ In the isomerism battle formation and suspicion of swindle in the drunk driving The Idol group NRG singer of origin reason jeans is caught for the drunk driving and takes the steaming time after the fraud. After borrowing 20 million won from the replacement driver in 2010, the isomerism battle formation didn’t repay and was arrested on the suspicion of swindle. In inspection procedure, the isomerism battle formation the fact that it borrowed 132 million won from 100 million won and Moon Ssi and squandered on the gambling and the immediate arrangements is given to Oh Mo cause was clarified in 2008. Besides, it was caught for the drunk driving in 2014 and the exposure received the monetary penalty and revocation of license under the blood alchol concentration 0.219% at that time. It appeared in the cable channel MBC everyone ‘video star’ at March last year and the isomerism battle formation which declared after steaming and discontinues the activity the interim for was apologized “if it will expect, the best will be run out than the disappointment and the pleasure and song will be given everyones” “be really sorry”.
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