This standing-Park Chungmin-ferryboat Gyu got together. Expect the Saba Ha.


The actor this standing and this man of talent, ferryboat Gyu, Park Chungmin, and Jaehyun Jang director (from the left) attends in the production presentation of the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ which is held in Seoul Apgujong CGV in the morning on 25th and the rally is shouted. ‘the Saba Ha’ is the mystery thriller movie dealing the story in which the pastor of the religious problem research institute that it followed the new religious sector faces and gets the suspicious character and case wider. The actor this standing and Park Chungmin, this man of talent, Chinyeong Chung, ferryboat Gyu, and etc. appears. On February 20th, the prearrangement of release
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