Till the embrace it will be ‘the taste of the love’ Kim China ♥ Kim Jung-Hoon and kerfAni it meets truly.


Figure which TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ Kim Jung-Hoon Kim China couple installs the Alkongdal bean was displayed. The netizen saw the couple success possibility actually highly and “it will be good if the real was met” told the wish. In ‘the taste of the love’ broadcasted on 24th, ‘the remind amusement Park date’ was spread on the occasion of the Ji Kim Jung-Hoon and Kim China declares the public couple 50 days. 2 people dates the amusement Park in the first meetings previously. The amusement Park was selected as the first places of (the) date and Kim Jung-Hoon got the blame of the audiences at that time. As much as it was the first meetings, the one-piece and high heels was worn and the Kim China came. This was not considered. However, the commemoration amusement Park date was different this on 50th. ‘the glutinous rice cake Chemie’ of was made a boast from the dress till the action. Kim Jung-Hoon colored the couple padding bought for the Kim China directly. My muffler was made. Besides, it tied. The endless consideration was executed such as selecting and taking the play machinery which is not scary., etc. The end of Kim Jung-Hoon the Kim China comparing me with ‘the independent Panda’ to was listened and the egg agar had ‘the world of Kim Jung-Hoon’ the time. Furthermore, ‘in advance, the birthday party event’ for the birthday of Kim Jung-Hoon was planned. The embrace of was surprisingly given present and the edge of an eyelid of Kim Jung-Hoon was made with the pretty cake to turn red. The fireworks at was looked and Kim Jung-Hoon did the diffident confession with the Kim China, saying that it was “it was happy. It was interesting. It is appreciated. “. ‘the taste of the love’ is broadcasted every week thursday afternoon at 11 o’clock.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743978.htm, 2019/01/25 09:35:15]