‘witness’ and we are altogether different.


“even if it doesn’t as if it is the normal person now, it becomes and is good.” In the movie ‘witness’ (the supervision one’s departure from Korea), the girl close friend (hyangki Kim) suffer from the autism is one unit of measure. The transfer on was left for the special school and He going to the common school spoke to the satisfaction in this way. However, this a word of close friend may be not heavy message which is suffering from the autism and which besides possibly it throws to our together. All Geuryeot the story which ‘witness’ starts while the lawyer Soonhoh (the Woosung Chung) which has to prove the innocence of the powerful murder suspect meets the autism girl close friend who is the only witness of the spot of incident It is the same as the quiet movie without special one but the expectation is broken and the fun and emotion is simultaneously presented. The movie put the other legal series and differencing. It was divided into the good and evil but the lawyer and prosecutor is different in this film as the confrontation structure so far. It advances together. It helps. The provocative fight such as doesn’t. So, it is felt to be fresher. The judge is not under control due to the black hand. If it can be said to be the spirit of law, it is light and it disentangles freshly and open ‘witness’ the bored law gives the interest. The gracilis muscle Hyeong plays an active part as the since tiller among these severely. One node Ssik spits out the extraordinary story with bangs and He who sleeps for the father way wish the hapiness of the son and undertakes the station inspires the smile. It makes it is realistic and to smile continuously it is warm and it sees. The marriage is the trailing edge because Soonhoh pays the guarantee debt of the father fathom ash off. It is the common lawyer who gets dirty with the everyday and is spending each day without to be happy during. Then, it had in the eye of the representative in the law firm and the road to success got to be put close at hand. The beginning of this start is the meeting with the close friend. The autism girl close friend was met and it had to stand in the witness stand and in order to prove the innocence of the powerful murder suspect the hour and effort are spent in order to become close with the close friend in conclusion and He stands barely in the court. However, make the close friend with ‘insane person’ on the greed that it has to prove the innocence. Soonhoh recalls the question the close friend asked. “are you the good man?” He is unable to answer gladly. However, it looks over the shoulder whether I am someone through the justice. In the meantime, the close friend having the handicap is not other man. It realizes that our together is the mutually different man. Woosung Chung drew the discord of Soonhoh inner surface delicately. It sympathized with the wound and He felt a pain and even, actually, even, improved the degree of concentration of the movie. Woosung Chung appearing in the work which ‘Ilnang’ ‘the steel ratio’ ‘ducking’ ‘asura’ etc. is strong came back as the after long interval warm character so far. Hyangki Kim expressed the autism girl smoke so that there can be the sense for the real. It could be a bit vigilant but He assimilated naturally with the close friend through the thorough pre-scanning. It makes from seeing these to it is extravagant of the close friend which Hyangki Kim expresses, be pure to look back on its own life once again. The movie was and made so that one footprint can, can approach more the attention in which the autism agar looks and men who showed the world and has the autism. ‘witness’ doesn’t say that our together is not different. It have the handicap or there is no, or as to man, someone shows cannot help be different. Open come February 13th. The length in seconds 129 minute It is 12 years old watchables.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743683.htm, 2019/01/25 05:00:02]