‘the utmost limit actor’ which the ferryboat Gyu and passion make it is modest


Resolutely the ethnic Koreans living in China satellite rock station of the movie ‘criminal city’ comes into mind if it does the actor ferryboat Gyu (41). The release of a movie at the time of is realizably played a role if the ethnic Koreans living in China is actually not as much as the story comes out and the interest is remembered to be Kkeureot. However, while the looks simple in the looks lessening the tear of the deep emotion the miscarry and ‘limitless Challenge’ intersected in the Blue Dragon Awards, it wondered whether the ferryboat Gyu was actually the someone. The step for was pressed to Samchong-dong where there is him the vague curiosity and curiosity. It was the Jongno in Seoul at last 18th afternoon and Samchong-dong one cafe met the ferryboat Gyu. Until the reporters took up the seat, He greeted continuously and open the law which interviewed much fairly and got used was unable to attach the hips to the chair. When starting talking “it is likely to become even if it has a seat”, then the ferryboat Gyu seemed to form “when it doesn’t get used yet” the awkward micro. As to the intimidating aspects of the satellite rock shown previously in ‘criminal city’, there was no in being the whole edge. Rather, it seemed to be simple and honest. The ferryboat Gyu undertook the trouble maker Hyeongsa Ma role of the narcotic team in solder heartburnings movie ‘extreme Job’ (the supervision Lee Byung-hun) on 23rd. It is clumsy and leads to ‘public drum’ every one in which it does in the narcotic team. However, pursue the perfection as the work which one ins charge of. The ferryboat Gyu erased the afterimage of ‘criminal city’ satellite rock with the current work properly. It was “‘ Extreme Job ‘ suggestion startled all of a sudden when being the week. The satellite rock and other looks wanted to be just in time shown. The greed appeared. The burden wanted to be once done. It is still unbelievable in fact. One which the face appears in the public relation poster one called the starring is so amazing. The looks excited before the unsealing was seen, just it was the same as the new actor. He formed the consistently micro and the movie shooting at the time was recalled. In fact, the current movie was the same as ‘extreme Job’ because of being in the ferryboat Gyu. Hardness and easiness had to make the high action to the comedy performance done for the first time. ” Lee Byung-hun supervision doesn’t want the reaction, that is the one-dimension. Because of want the unexpected reaction transcending the imagination, that seemed to be really difficult. But the feeling comes in a certain degree because of doing. The question called ‘it is truly funny if it is like this, whether’ got at first but the outcome is seen, it is so interesting. It was the smoke but for the smoke the action scene was really difficult. The view was different ‘criminal city’ was acted. Surely is it all Jeongdoyeot that there has to be the idle time if it puts one? The ferryboat Gyu prepared the current work and attended the action school and cooking academy simultaneously. The day popped the chicken. The action one day was practiced and one was more and more progressing with Hyeongsa Ma role. He made the studying in which it is abundant by ” current movie the miso which Da”myeo Haet is proud. Recently, the ferryboat Gyu is selected as the actor that is the busiest in the Chung-mu road. The work have the unsealing ahead is many volumes. It is ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang) and ‘dark change’ (the supervision Chinwon Kim) ‘the long rib, more, the ducking’ (kang gloss Seong) etc. It was the accidental chance that ferryboat Gyu gets to give the taste in the acting. It was the beginning to make an excursion to one extreme fortuitously and recite the dialogue once. He felt through the acting in the part expressing the new character to be awfully pleasant. The foot got to be let in the acting on a full scale. There is that mother emphasizes since being young. It said as ‘be always modest’ ‘lower and tell’. But the year 20 was so much like that suffered by the men because of living. So, the jeet kune do was alone played in the home as the movie ‘spirit Of Jeet Keun Do’ appeared movie. The rubber tire was tied and the kick was played. As to this ‘it is nice’, the sound seemed to be not so good for me. Of that was reflected to the acting. My features would better disappear and the cast would better come out. It goes to work only the movie early and the play is usually made up. It is trying to melt in this cast. That is so good. The ferryboat Gyu was mainly active in the theatrical world as the member of the extreme ‘go to the concert delivery service’. After going to the cheesecloth of the year 12, He appearing in the work of ‘100 minute discussion of the new human race’ ‘I and grandfather’ ‘the hot summer’ ‘dwarves’ ‘our karaoke parlor to is gone and it tells’ ‘the credit Nim is seeing’ ‘gasa A’ back got to see the light at last. The ferryboat Gyu brought up the unexpected word “it is the movie man fan club ‘ Syeonsya phosphorus ‘ reason that I can take the art in this way”. There is the fan club managing with the film crews including ” manufacture department, extention part, scripter, and etc. Maybe it is to take one volume of low-budget movies if it gets together all. Ha-ha. 10 people are slightly over. It is the friends leading me from the movie ‘hunting’. The name was ‘the Syeonsya phosphorus’. They could learn the thanks to this many opportunity fors auditions. It contacts constantly because there is the organization chat room. The still various on-sites meet. If there were no this friends, it is the now thing to be no. It have the always thankful mind. The ferryboat Gyu confessed joyfully continuously the anecdotes where there were with the Syeonsya phosphorus from “it is the same as my pride and is embarrassing” ramen. He nodded seem to be the actor in which the staffs make genuinely” the head when telling “because when the strong reinforcement units will be in the cinema world and will be good”. The ferryboat Gyu in which it lives the new life after ‘criminal city’ in 2017 and which is The acting life was done and He said have the word which it would like to do with the conviction which it doesn’t want to lose to the juniors. The actor of ” most dreams. The days which it doesn’t watch the audition, receive proposal for the work It says be like that and doesn’t want to be changed. It has where that actor called I am good as one which can be completely shown in the screen. It was vain when the chance came sometimes, or there were these caring the level of the men. My juniors wanted to be not to be like that.
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