Till the Chung Junhoh ♥ under feeling and chi · genie parting from the second newses


The work which there is a lot of the entertainment world happened at 1 fourth week having the New Year holidays a week ahead. Chung Junhoh under feeling couple gave of the second newses. As to the Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character profit U.S. couple, ㅇ gave the third newses of childbirth. The new life was gotten and 2 couples got many these congratulations. However, there was a lot of the work which there is adverse criticism. It is ‘the actress the bloom’ the difference between the sexes adverse criticism rose. The incurable disease news about fighting against disease was conveyed and Hwanhui Park had left the fans in shock The Moat Seup kneader this trabecula entertainment the news The Chung Junhoh ♥ under feeling and second news actor Chung Junhoh and TV shipbuilding anchor under feeling couple gave of 2 newses. TV shipbuilding people concerned revealed as “under feeling, now, this summer expected childbirth with the pregnancy 17 weeks round”. Under feeling is planning to appear continuously in ‘my body user manual’ ‘the taste of the wife’ before the childbrith. Chung Junhoh who it enjoyed the popularity with JTBC Geumto drama ‘SKY Castle’ recently and who is revealed the impression through the agency. For him, the second in which our family has been hoping very gratefully from long time ago arose. It delivered healthily and it will be good and will raise wisely and the impression was revealed. The Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character ♥ profit U.S. and third the water childbirth singer and composer Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character and actor profit U.S. couple held the third daughters in arms at last 22nd. The Moat Seup kneader the interest it is known especially the kid was born by the water childbirth in the one’s home The Heullyeot Seup kneader the tear of the deep emotion the Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character helps the water childbirth in the wife neighborhood according to the Star news The Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character profit beauty couple gets married in 2006 and follows the subgenual and is the child. He is putting the quantity on the clitoris. 2 people became the parents of 3 daughters by this day birth. The Ka black pink genie of the group exo giving the passionate love news parting 2,019 year on January 1st didn’t come to one month for ▼ chi · genie passionate love accreditation one month as yet and the news of break up of was given. The Ka agency SM Entertainment Company Limited revealed on 25th, “it is right that 2 people parts recently” “it returned to the senior-junior relationship”. At last first, the dispatch opened the picture which Khazeni is love passionately and reported the love affair. According to the dispatch, the date was secretly enjoyed in the late night Sangam-dong Sky Park at November last year and as soon as the overseas performance which is the car was finished, 2 people found genie of the address. As in the other sweetheart, after all, 2 people got to part. The burden of the attention of many men was not their parting reasons but it wants maybe. The group S.E.S native shoe who is altogether the accreditation hundreds of million won gambling trip charged with one charge with ▼ shoe and gambling charge admitted the charge in the first trials altogether. Shoe became the fraudulent gambling of the total 790 millionwon size the prosecution without detention by one charge between May from the overseas including Macao, and etc. about 26 times from August, 2016 in 2018. As to shoe, who attends with holding the dark horn-rimmed glasses under this day justice with the black suit “the arraignment fact is altogether admitted” replied as “***” to be short for the question of the judge. The Moat Seup kneader his fashion the interest one admitting the charge in the trial altogether It, as to shoe became the sensation The black horn hoop and nail art is the interest the Moaneun part. The many men saw his nail art. The voice of the blame was made. It is one called “the attitude of the steaming is not”. The gambling trip charge second opinion trial of shoe is held on the seventh of next month in the afternoon. It apologized about comparing Chunga Yum who is the agency actor of which ▼ Woosung Chung and ‘the actress the bloom’ speech actor Woosung Chung is the same to the flower. Woosung Chung was the problem to compare Chunga Yum to the flower and say in the movie ‘witness’ (the supervision one’s departure from Korea) round interview have the premiere ahead “the flower was proved as the body which it will not make”. Woosung Chung published the article started “first express the gratitude which is deep at the indication which your affection is young” in its own Instagram on 24th. After that, it apologized, saying that it was the He “if the object in which it accepts irrelative of the intention of the expressing man feels the inconvenient mind, this expression has to be sublated. It thinks that it apologizes”. After that, it told as “in order to the discriminative expression which our society is using unconsciously personally through this chance will think whether there will be anythings and will take a good look and will introspect, it will try”. In the meantime, it added as “convey the mind of the pity which is deep at your good and inconvenient mind which it teaches, thanks once again and which everyone feels and apple”. ▼ Hwanhui Park and incurable disease fighting against a disease actor Hwanhui Park confessed to suffer from the fibromyalgia, that is the incurable disease, recently. He informed “the full recovery of the fibromyalgia that it is the incurable disease of was dreamed and it made up mind from the New Year to exercise constantly” the fighting against a disease fact to its own Instagram and the around was done. Hwanhui Park installed “whenever it goes, it feels but the person who is me refreshed has only our Korean-English sir” “as to end, the osteoporosis which it gets to be diagnosed makes the strong muscles in the end in 20 and it would like to overcome”. In the meantime, it added as “I am unimpaired. I am fine. My Lord my man and my families will be happy. “. The cause for the fibromyalgia said be not uncovered yet. Therefore, it is known in the medical world as the difficult disease. As long as it is spiritual, (the depression, anxiety, Hypochondria, and etc) are accompanied and it says show.
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