Was ‘the parting accreditation’ chi · genie and public attention burdensome?


The exo chi (jongin Kim ·25) who is the no. 1 idol couple and news that the black pink genie (23) parted is heard in 2019 and It is becoming the sensation every day. The exo agency SM Entertainment Company Limited revealed on 25th, “khazeni parted recently” “2 people decided to go around the senior-junior relationship”. The Ka system or couple acknowledges the passionate love fact after the love affair report of the dispatch previously at last first. The public that listens to the unexpected news because of being the parting of the domestic men’s and women’s championship idol couple reaction is hot. Among these, the netizen who utilizes ‘SOLO’, that is the solo singer debut song, and writes a comment is noticeable to the eyes. “it became the shined solo now” (chje****) ” you the solo The solo came truly to me like the couple ” (park****) “it will do well more if the solo will be again sung now” (njus****) “genie can sing the solo again now” (kkom****) ” song. There is the way thorn way ” (jjin****) back which each is good. In this way, the comments are run. However, the netizen feeling as a whole bitter stops most. It is 2 in which the passionate love fact was known to the age of 20 shot vinegar middle part yet not to intend. Therefore, it is the guess that it felt the pressure and could choose the separation. The Deut which the several netizens are uncovered and it is difficult, gets in conclusion to be separated when have the good feeling at the height of. It liked to be a pity and ” (yeji****) ” celebrity doesn’t have the privacy. It is the Extreme Job celebrity, ” (apm8****) ” something is lonesome. Even if it is the celebrity, no matter what, loved one is unable to put the so difficult valence ” (bnbn****) ” silently. The regrettable celebrity ” (king****) ” will be scary and would the singers fall in love? The shames were brutal, ” (yu11****) etc. comment was hung. Meantime, the wave of the cheer sent to 2 people which finishes the short love and selects its own street is continued. The fans of 2 people are unfortunate one which meets ” originals and is separated. The situation the time was not hit because of feeling the love. It will be again connected to the later if it will be the relation. ” (bagg****) “really, it will be good it will be both Haengbokhaeeu” (shca****) “it will root to 2 people will be well ready from the seat of each” (skyl****) ” each goes well to succeed and make a long drive taking advantage of victory as its own work now. It is the entertainer ” (qluv****) “in the future, happily, well, one’s internal character” (chyk****) “just, the Jaldoeeu direction in each one location” (wltn****) etc. in love.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744041.htm, 2019/01/26 02:00:02]