‘the Nawana the soul?the comics is torn’… Nayeong Lee and ‘eye-catching’ with the doll appearance


The actor Nayeong Lee captivated the eyes with the appearance like the barbie dool and ratio and loveable fascination. The actor Nayeong Lee attended the cable channel is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Eonju street imperial palace Seoul TvN new Saturday drama ‘the romance the bonus book’ production presentation which in the afternoon on 25th. Even when being neat as the black one-piece, Nisakseu, and high heels, this day Nayeong Lee released the cute fascination. The Deohaet Seup kneader the mood which the puff shape sleeve of the one-piece is handled by the see-through and is fascinating Especially one hair style doubled the styling including the color of the light brown, bang hair, pony tail, and etc. the appearance and cute impression for the Nayeong Lee. Here, the smile which is clear like the injury became more and more and the image which is loveable even when being most of all cute was formed. TV first show after comeback ‘the romance the bonus book’ of the year 9 of Nayeong Lee is the romantic comedy drama painted the publisher the story of the men making the book as the background warmly. In this drama, as to Nayeong Lee, the career discontinuity women rostrum of ‘high-spec’ who is the copywriter having a good sale fits the disintegration Lee Jong-suk and breathing with the character for a while. The drama was broadcasted p.m. 9 on 26th. And every week soil and Sunday electric wave is taken.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744054.htm, 2019/01/27 00:00:03]