The string, it cooperated with PSY who is ♥.


The entertainment world formal couple string child and this money found the hand of PSY. The string, PSY published the put picture in its own Instagram with this money on 27th. The string child and this money contracted with ‘P NATION’ which the cube entertainment and farewell and PSY Ga make recently last year and the eyes got to be on the activity afterward. As to 2, PSY stamped PSY seal on the contract and side by side. The related picture was opened. Meantime, PSY is all right in relation with ‘P NATION’. It is PSY. The company was established. The company name was informed before to be P NATION. In the meantime, ” past is trying to share with little more many these for 19 years what I have been work as the producer of the singer PSY, manager, and planner learn so far. It revealed to make the playground of the passionate players sweating for the dream.
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