‘the sun which the red month is green’ Sona Kim “the work idea, still, suddenly”


As soon as the sun ‘ script which the moon which “‘ is red is green was seen, the idea that it is the work which was perfect and considerable got without the looked room. It was the honor with the itself that this script could be read. The actor Sona Kim undertook the chau Jjeum role in televising MBC TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the sun which the red month is green’ at November last year from 21st until last on January 16th. The character who lived as the nice daughter and wife and sincere was faithful to all roles but the crack happens due to the accident of one moment as the consultant of the good mother and children in the life, it is unable to expect traces the suspicious murder case Sona Kim played a role of Wookyong Cha controlling the desperate feelings experiencing and face the cases which were every moment horrible and are cruel and it got favorable reviews as ‘the believe actor’ once again. Moreover, sona Kim got the woman very best acting award in ‘2,018 MBC acting award’. Sona Kim meeting with the Seoul Gangnam-ku Sinsa-dong one cafe told the recent condition at last 23rd that it was staying busily in order to dispel the lingering imagery which and then remained after the work ended. The SBS TV show ‘ does kiss televised “2,018 year install Sona Kim in advance? It told that it came back to “***” Seoul and had many interviews and was broadcasted in Japan soon and interviewed in Japan and ‘the sun which the red month is green’ DVD issue interview was interviewed, it was staying busily. ‘do you kiss in advance?’ the last year on is decidedHe who didn’t rest so far and works in spite of shooting ‘the sun which the red month is green’ 2 work at a stretch explained “the body from can be surely busily broken away of the sequela of the work” “as it is the emotional person who has to be deeply immersed in this way, it is like that”. After that, it added “the time when it met the psychology consultation teacher in the company and which says many stories as it made the Tteol Eo was taken and it was much good now”. The mystery thriller drama ‘the sun which the red month is green’ in which facing one woman Wookyong Cha traces the city (city) the truth with the suspicious child and suspicious case with the clue The place which the feeling consumption was big among the pole because of digging up the child abuse and murder case based on the psychological investigation Moreover, the previous work ‘do you kiss in advance?’Moreover, was there no to hesitate because of playing a role of the character Soonchin Ahn wrapped in the man and love living for the time-limited life until the current work was determined? Sona Kim spoke to this “it worried much. However, it was likely to be depressed if rather it didn’t appear” “when getting and reading the script at first time, it was strong as much as there was no number the moment taking a rest and it was fine and the other idea didn’t listen”. After that, “there was not a lot of the chance to read this script. When the chance to read the script was given and it thanked really and so the performance was determined,” the appearance on the stage meter was explained. ‘the green girl’ who is the content flow look central person when being the suspicious affecting the influence that is important to Wookyong Cha among the pole character was mentioned. All Yeoreot “the tears leaks out even if it thinks” “it feels a lump so and has a pain and is stuffy” the mouth Sona Kim blushes the edge of an eyelid ‘the green girl’ is mentioned After that, it answered “this aftertaste is likely to last long. Maybe the lifetime is unable to be forgotten from the initial traffic accident scene till the final scene”. This not only ‘the green girl’ communicated much with many child’s part performers in the field it was the work dealing the child abuse case. How did sona Kim watch ‘ audition to the director as soon as the child’s part friends were met in ” first time? The praise was not saved against it thought that when seeing just as much as it asked, it was the children who this cast comes to mind, it was good at “***” acting and followed well and gave and ‘the sun which the red month is green’ could cause the good result thanks to this in this way with this children. When being the coactor having mutual understanding in not only child’s part but also filming spot most much, then the junior actor this second watch of night and anecdote of was given. This second watch of night undertook the role torn down the strong will tracing the case as the detective in charge of crimes of violence based on the fact and situation in the work. The script was analyze till this second watch of night and dawn and the story calling the call in person mentioned Sona Kim. Sona Kim laughed and told “because of telling with the text message until dawn, the arms hurt and I installed the call in person” and it took mention “until starting the shooting, it talked very much with this second watch of night Ssi and the opinion was exchanged”. January, that is the beginning of now in 2019, Sona Kim revealed the resolution as the actor that one year was started and the honor of the reception was mentioned last year. It finished “in ”2,018 MBC acting award ‘, because the prize could be gotten as the year ‘ which the red month is green, it was so good and was happy” “when it thinks that it has to try more eagerly with the future as the actor and make an effort”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744086.htm, 2019/01/27 00:00:04]