1 child Rasch, in 2020, the moratorium The fan “if it rested enough and surely came back”


Japanese people Idol group child Rasch declared the year 2,020 that working will be stopped lastly. As much as it is the group having been receiving the love of many fans more than 20 years, the sense of frustration of the fans is becoming larger. However, some fans, as to “because of not resting and being active, even when resting, it became” “it will be good if it came back” told the wish. U.S., the kazoo sir and Matsumoto Jun announced December 31st in 2020 to the formal fan site in the member ONO sandy soil of the child Rasch on 27th to stop the working finally. The leader ONO revealed “the idea was gathered to be together active until December 31st of next year after sharing many talks” “it thought that it was surprised by the announcement but suddenly judged to would better talk our decision to the fans than someone properly”. U.S., ” idea was respected and the kazoo sir got to stop the operation. As to the child Rasch, 5 people are together the child Rasch. In order that it finished of the year 2,020 like the child Rasch to the end, 5 people will install eagerly in the future, it told. After that, the Sakurai show “the ideas other of the members who it was strange, come on foot got to be gathered with one conclusion in 20″ ” now is the idea that it would like to confine me Rasch in the jewel case. The time was spent and it wanted to report and the mind thanking in the future was considered. In the meantime, on rumor of discord raised in the corner was denied. The eyebar Masaki told “it thought that it was difficult because 5 people was the mind called the child Rasch that it is active as the name called the child Rasch if did one people drop out, 2 people dropped out?”, saying that it was “absolutely it is not that 5 people betweens gets worse”. After that, he emphasized “it is really the child Rasch good” “when resuming the activity towards the direction of which 5 people are the same, the better looks would like to be shown”. Matsumoto Jun was “when it thinks in order to be understood in everyone and interested people beating our decision that time is needed” and so got to announce in this timing. The mind of the gratitude would like to be imparted to the rooting fans so far. 5 people will unite together and will run to the end and it promised. As much as it is the group getting the huge popularity in Korea, the domestic fans are the regretful response. It is already 20 anniversaries on ” world. There was a lot of the trouble for the time when Yaene studied Japanese thanks to this and when and then it is over ” (wlst****) year 20. It wished to rest enough and come back, ” (inyo****) ” leader wanted to rest from long time ago and so it guessed in a certain degree. However. The something ” (good****) child Rasch it is a pity it is sad the announcement appears in reality in this way The valuable memory of ” (lind****) ” I it was in love The time remaining was more much loved, the reaction of ” (yong****) etc. was gotten together in the future. Meantime, the child Rasch is Japanese which makes debut in 1999 and which comes and goes the singer, actor, article talents, and etc. and in which it is active in many fields nation group. Meet by the total 50 times show on the occasion of 20 anniversaries of debut beginning with Nagoya dome till 12 month Tokyo Dome with the fans this year on April 13th.
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