‘dead air’ this Maeri and ‘qatar cheer’ capture in the Asian Cup Why.


The sensation is becoming because of the unexpected which the actor this Maeri is shown in eight strong electrics of Asian Cup action. This Maeri was captured into ‘qatar cheer daughter’ in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) AbxBDhabi Yaedeu Ja sports city stadium in which the past 25 day (korean time) 2,019 Asian football lead net (AFC) Asian Cup Korea pair Qatar game opens. The football journal lineup members reported on 28th, the overseas Korean whom 6,000 people are over supported Korean national athlete from the match day United Arab Emirates AbxBDhabi jade sports city stadium. The cheering for Korea seat was cut out and this Maeri cheered Qatar in which Korea is not. It has the interest if why this Maeri who is Korean cheered the foreigner Qatar and the netizens are in this. This day this Maeri explained in the Hankook Ilbo and interview “I am the man coming for Qatar national soccer team cheer in this place” “the place where it inspires the chance and energy to me who did the appearing in TV in Korea and hit much against the hurt of the mind was due to be Qatar”. Previously, this Maeri stops the activity after the SBS TV show ‘Singisaengdyeon’ in 2011. After him appeared in the channel A ‘the Deureot show with the rumor’ at June last year and confessed “it disappeared from the broadcasting by the broadcasting corporation first of the ten celestial stems Ji after ‘ Singisaengdyeon ‘ for 7 years”. He explained with this reason for the cast “6 million won was let and the dancing was learned” “the wound was suffered and the medical fee of the tens of millions won got. However, any compensation was unable to be received with the production crew”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744175.htm, 2019/01/28 15:17:37]