It becomes the Kim Bora and Hye or → ‘the interior of a room odd one out’. The next product ‘the ear Cinderella’ decision


The actor Kim Bora becomes ‘the interior of a room odd one out’ on the heels of ‘SKY Castle’ center Hyena this time. The Kim Bora agency SidusHQ revealed that it was settled that Kim Bora donated the web drama ‘the ear Cinderella’ as formal report data on 28th. In ‘the ear Cinderella’, only the Kim Bora is planning to spread the hot rolling to the ghost and webtoon author Min who has mutual understanding and accumulates the outside world and next. The newly coined word which reduces ‘the Haek child is cheap’ (‘ Outsider ‘ which gets to make the interior of a room circumstance of a single while the ghost begins to show ‘the ear Cinderella’ which the life time channel makes with the digital original from the age of 18. And in which ‘ nucleus ‘ intending Ohm blue color very sticks and which is made. It is the behaving carelessly spirit romance which gets wider while it calls the men and man who is poor to look good mainly, the strange man spirit comes to the star Min. Min, the Kim Bora undertook the role when being the car Hiki Komori in 3. It is the interior of a room life record which the sense for the real of the odd one out accumulating the outside and next overflows the steps. Simultaneously, the sympathy and consolation is planning to be given to these which get to meet the man ghost essence and open the mind gradually and see. Presently, the outcome gets attention if how the interior of a room odd one out doing the happiness lies in contentment with the direct opposition in the firm world of me is drawn on the miasma and desire which It seems to become JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ center Hyena with the filled with aspect. ‘the ear Cinderella’ is planning to be broadcasted among February.
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