‘it is clear and is neat and tidy’ The pure fascination which it is the tomorrow bi number of together vacant


It was the nap which the big hit entertainment new group tomorrow bi together member Beanlee Su is fresh dirty. The big hit entertainment opened the Kkweseu churning film of the tomorrow bi together (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) leader Subin to the official site and SNS channel on 28th. If the fresh boy U.S. of the looks was shown in the Beanlee Su past introduction film, this image included the looks of which was clear and pure the Subin. It surrounds in the flower, Subin smiles Wat in 2 Yoo Ssi (Questioning Film- What do you see?) for the camera with the Kkweseu churning film. The face is closed-up and the sun of the flower shape shines. Continuously the camera at is looked and Subin is getting one flower. Previously, the tomorrow bi together looks forward with ‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts brother group’ from the debut. The reaction toward the organization introduction film and photo revealed to the Hyuningka Tae string and law it is the number vacant beginning with FRB including 5 people individuals at last eleventh is hot. YouTube accumulation hit of the introduction film broke through 47 million views and 1.2 million followers and member account the twitter formal account passed over 890,000 people. ‘it is gathered to one dream, you and other I make the tomorrow’ the tomorrow bi together are the Idol group in which the boys gathering together for one dream and goal exhibit the synergy and which is bright and which is healthy according to the agency with the meaning.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744130.htm, 2019/01/28 09:40:48]