‘ resistance which we didn’t know: Open Youkwansun story ‘ on February 27th.


The movie ‘ resistance of the orphan Seong starring: Open February 27th which Youkwansun talk ‘ (the supervision Minhoh Cho) comes. The distributor Lotte entertainment, on 28th, ‘ resistance: The teaser poster was opened with Youkwansun talk ‘ unsealing news. The movie is the Sodaemun prison 8 room center which the public opinion doesn’t become after 3.1 hurrah movements and work the soul dealing the story of the year 1 of the Youkwansun which was free than someone (the orphan nature) and 8 room women in 1919. ‘ resistance: Everyone rune everyone the life of Youkwansun getting wider by the art of Youkwansun story ‘***’ Hyeohngchoo Deok ‘ production crew after the hurrah movement at March 1st in 1919 The character who one movie is previously ‘Dongju’ ‘park heat’ back period of Japanese occupation new due to the background and as ‘ resistance which reevaluate the cases and hits against the interest: The new story which also we didn’t know Youkwansun story ‘ of is planning to be given the audience. Just before Youkwansun going down to the hometown went into Chunan ‘the market site hurrah movement the younger brother builds’ after 3.1 hurrah movements, the looks was included in the teaser poster together revealed with this day. The numerous aspects of man processed as black and white is alone astern tinged with the color and the aspects of one Youkwansun stimulates the look which the forming a relationship is filled the curiosity for the movie. ‘ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘ opens come February 27th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744180.htm, 2019/01/28 16:03:34]