See ‘the romance the bonus book’ Nayeong Lee and ‘the light end daughter’ ability.


Also it is Nayeong Lee. The actor Nayeong Lee coming back to TV informed the successful return through the acting ability and fascination in which the career discontinuity is ashamed in 9 years. Nayeong Lee returned to the drama to the first the broadcasted cable channel TvN Saturday drama ‘the romance the bonus book’ (the script sine feeling · direction mileage filial duty) at last 26th. It is the appearance in drama of the year 9 after the KBS2 ‘the fugitive Plan.B’ in 2010. After Nayeong Lee got married in this drama, the career was cut off by the childcare and the copywriter from rostrum which challenges the reemployment and which it has a good sale changed into the character. So called, ‘the light end daughter (the newly coined word telling on the women whose the career is cut off)’ Nayeong Lee taking the long interregnum in the situation of Dahnlee Kang overlaps. However, nayeong Lee arouses the admiration of the viewer unlike Dahnlee Kang causing the steep reality the mind which is the Madatteuryeo every scene unfortunate. Firstly, it is the tear acting. The eyes was captivated with the tear within rising the reality at the Machoo Ha serenely and delicate emotional modeling. These whom the regrettable sobbing, and etc. coming out see due to the tear which asks and scores the hours for interviews adjustment and husband leading a loose life was done endlessly. The beautiful mood and appearance evoked another admiration. It cries bawling that coped tear flowing countlessly is carelessly wiped off with the palm and it opens mouth and it gets to look absently. It is beautiful till the tear falling dropping one by one from the heavy snow. The cute aspect which fits Lee Jong-suk and ‘older and younger’ breathing and which it shows centers the attention. The extraordinary nap which works as the housekeeper at the home of the Eunhoh Cha (the Lee Jong-suk) in secret and which it emits is charming. While Dahnlee Kang is employed with the publishing company chaff lure, Eunhoh Cha is working for the works as the youngest editor-in-chief it succeeds, the expectation rises if any kind of chemistry is shown in the future. However, the sense of frustration remains in the audience rating. The initial 4.3 % (under Nielsen Korea whole country charge platform furniture standard) and 2 times are ‘the romance the bonus book’ showing 4.4% audience rating 0.1%P rising up. If Hyun Bin Park Shinhye starring ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ who is the previous work compares by 9.9% audience rating with prevented one gotten off, it is the inactive record distance between two stages. It attracts attention if really Nayeong Lee who returns to be gallant leaves any footprints in the journey of the drama. Every week soil the drama first show after comeback ‘the romance the bonus book’ of Nayeong Lee is on the air with the romantic comedy drama painting the publisher the story of the men making the book as the background warmly Sunday at 9 p.m.
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