The damage caused hail It becomes the Hotel Lotte bird face jeans and ‘also, the brachial plate south’ which


The actor damage caused hail battle formation was selected for the Hotel Lotte model. The stingy agency mountain movement revealed in formal report data “the damage caused hail gin in which it became popular for the recognition which is high in not only recent Korea but also overseas and which was chosen as the Hotel Lotte model” on 28th. The damage caused hail battle formation is planning to start into the official activity beginning with the Hotel Lotte publicity model appointment ceremony as the pictorial photography luminaire model. The nickname that it is ‘the brachial plate south’ the damage caused hail battle formation is previously gotten according to the agency between Korea and China Sadeu discord and it is active as 2 country models of the brands. Moreover, the meritorious deeds has been strive for the firefighter support activity including the firefighter calendar no charge model, fire protection safety commercial film talent donation, and etc. for was gained recognition this year and it was appointed as the fire department honor firefighter recently. Meantime, the damage caused hail battle formation is having 2 month Japan fan meeting ahead recently.
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