The good example of the reliable development


Unawares the star of the commercial movie came to him appearing on the independent movie. It appears in the various works in the short time and is the fast growth one result. “when it is important to be modest” the looks emphasized continuously was seen for the interview. There seemed to be De reason if He went the good chance. There was no man who the drama interview met and whites endlessly and clean 3 years ago and it was a pity. However, the looks in which it grows fairly looked good. It is the talk of the actor consonance. It was the Jongno in Seoul on 22nd and the Ppalpandong one cafe met the resonance. Because of have the movie ‘extreme Job’ premiere ahead on 23rd, He faced with the group of reporters due to the fairly nervous appearance. The composite feeling appeared in the face. Because, ‘extreme Job’ is due to commercial movie which it puts for the first time after the resonance makes debut. It appeared in ” independent movie, low budget, and human rights film and this commercial movie is the first time. My face is hung on the theater display panel poster. What there is my face is so amazing about the passing bus. In fact, in that time of photographing, there was no any idea. It feels anew from the now. ‘I appeared on the large-scale work in this way’ is done and it is the word. The cute charisma, that is its own special ability, was fully utilized and He undertaking the youngest Jaehun role in the movie among the narcotic team 5 Ibnang detective acted. There is the resonance the qualifier called ‘the Meongmung U.S’ (the cute looks reminded the puppy is spoken in the compound word of ‘ bow-wow, that is the word calling the puppy adorably, ‘ and ‘ beauty (U.S) ‘.) because of the appearance had the round eye on the white face. In the current work, this fascination became maximized. Because of being most the youngest among the actor acting together, the youngest criminal case role could be well carried out. Lee Byung-hun supervision wanted it. The newcomer achieves 10 tablets criminal case and aspects of meanwhile which asked to be displayed. Jaehun of wanted to be refreshingly played a role and it studied. The direction of Lee Byung-hun supervision was the surprise. It was fair as the surprise but the idea that it does the direction of the Lee, Yi Gamdok picked up after like that. Powerful one shot of the consonance is due to be in the movie latter half. As to this scene, these who are abundant by one among the watching game point after the movie opening to the public criticized favorably. So, the honey “it is well received and feels good” the micro were made to him as “it tries this way because there is one shot”. ‘extreme Job’ will not be easy to the resonance in fact. Till the veteran seniors in the comedy performance done for the first time It cannot help feeling uncomfortable. However, he installed “there is no of the supervision and all seniors standing, it deals and seems to shoot comfortably”. ‘extreme Job’ connected the first commercial movie debut work to the resonance but put the work which is quite abundant in the tv drama. It didn’t rest since 2015 until this year and especially He revealed shape in the various dramas. The TvN ‘the love of the revolution’ ‘the bride of Habaek’ ‘the spirit liquor man and woman’ SBS TV show ‘entertainer’ MBC ‘beautiful you’ ‘hwajeong’ etc. ground wave and cable was come and is gone including the ended KBS2 drama ‘it is ever good’ at December last year and the acting ability was piled up. It had grown into the starring from the supporting actor like that slowly and He introduced the face to the public. It isn’t resting to thank really. It didn’t know in fact. It is putting much as much as it is startled all of a sudden. It is thinking gratefully about that part. It tells that it is likely to go well in the around in the future. I think that it is important to it is not to lose the first intention and act eagerly. It was far yet. Many works and various characters of would like to be taken charge and played a role. (Smile) the genre which it would like to do as much as it started the real film activity now was likely to have a lot of the character. When asking “there is no one which it would like to try”, then it gave an answer the white and clean face “the psychopath would like to play a role” and evoked laughter. Maybe my peer friends are to maybe be the greed for the villain. As in psychopath, the villain going up to the extreme would like to be tried. Because the delightful feeling about that place can be felt if the other looks is taken out from my inside, it is likely to be good. Because those ones which it cannot do can be experienced in every day, it is likely to be interesting. It wondered suddenly. What is ‘extreme Job’ which the resonance thinks? He was intently wrapped in the thought, the fairly mature answer was put out. The Extreme Job which ” I thinks of is thought to be all jobs. Even if one is all good and it starts, it falls into the job, the hard work increases. So, the jobs of one may be not Extreme Job. The resonance said decide the goal of one year with the Rookie of the Year award so far. However, this year was said that this goal was changed. ” this year doesn’t wish the prize. Ha-ha. It is one which 1 million audiences see in first shares of ‘extreme Job’ unsealing and to spread a lot altogether around the stage greeting with our team one. The introduce the actor that it is the resonance to the person who is abundant by ‘extreme Job’ number is so good only that there is the number. It is better if it goes well. (Smile).
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