The Huni world representative “the person with bad credit of the order in the Sunghoon Kang · sister it rents”


Park Mao, that is the brother of the singer Sunghoon Kang girlfriend, asserted as “the substantial administrator of the fan club Huni world Sunghoon Kang and sister”. Mr. Park said in the interview with the Sunday newspaper “sunghoon Kang and sister asked to borrow the famous physician of the fan club corporation and the entrepreneur famous physician was lent to the Huni world to July in 2016”. Mr. Park is the registration of businessman on representative of the corporation forever 2,228 of the Huni world. It was according to the news that Mr. Park finds out with Sunghoon Kang. The sister went to the fan meeting of Sunghoon Kang to the year 2,015 and it developed to the love relationship. After sister asked to ask for help the car leaes and Sunghoon Kang related product manufacture, and etc. to Mr. Park. There was no compensation, Mr. Park helped. When after Sunghoon Kang relation revenue of products got through the hit, then the registration of businessman asked to be done to Park and the sister asked. He rented the name. Mr. Park was known to make in the Huni world, that is the fan club of plays role of the registration of businessman on representative of the Huni world not only one but also the Sunghoon Kang, by the investment of 80 million won. When it asked because for Sunghoon Kang, the activity was and difficult due to the debt 20 million won, then Mr. Park, as to 20 million won lent additionally to him. However, 20 million cost amounts are handing out Sunghoon Kang to Mr. Park among this money and it cuts off contact and presently, Mr. Park is being pestered by the hardships of life. Besides, it insisted it rides around that vehicle lease cost and income tax was taken on and presently, It became the person with bad credit. Meantime, sunghoon Kang and girlfriend Mr. Park proposed the filing motion to ban broadcasting against MBC ‘the misfire exploration unit’. ‘the misfire exploration unit’ was planning to broadcast the content about Sunghoon Kang enveloped in the fan club contribution embezzlement, Taiwan fan meeting fraud suspicion, and etc. on the coming 30th. It revealed to be ‘the misfire exploration unit’ pity “it is right to receive the filing motion to ban broadcasting from the Sunghoon Kang” “the schedule it sees in which how the result of the petition for a provisional injunction comes out and which it announces the detailed position”. The trial about ‘the misfire exploration unit’ Sunghoon Kang chapter filing motion to ban broadcasting opens in Seoul western district court on 29th.
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